Why I Want to Be a Teacher Essay: Writing Tips from Professionals

Some people start dreaming of their profession starting from childhood. They may actually have some clear visions as to where they want to work, what they want to do, and they somehow feel what they like and would like to do in the future. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other people who are always hesitant about their careers and cannot decide what to start doing even if they are already adults. Why I want to be a teacher essay sample and guidelines provided in this article will shed a bit more light for you on the aspects people pay attention to while planning their careers. If you have been assigned to write a why I want to be a teacher essay, then you should definitely investigate some background information regarding the profession, namely what it requires, what duties and responsibilities it involves, and what role teachers have in society. If you are writing this essay on your behalf because you personally dream of becoming a teacher, then it would be a good idea to highlight the specific traits that teachers have and some talents they need for conducting this role. If you are struggling with this assignment now and would like to get some professional assistance with the essay, you have come to the right place. At BestWritingService.ae, you can rely on experienced and competent writers who can provide a great argumentative essay on why you want to be a teacher.

Remember that if you hesitate, if being a teacher worth it, keep in mind that you should analyze advantages and disadvantages of this profession. Teacher’s job as any other is not perfect, so you should clearly analyze any possible difficulties, challenges and stressors that you may face. If you are writing an essay for the application process — for example, when you want to apply for Teaching major, then you need to focus more on the reasons for obtaining this profession. Check out some reasons to become a teacher below.

Five Reasons Why Being a Teacher Might Be Good for You

  1. You can be a booster of changes. Teachers really make a difference, and they can impact children’s lives, and consequently, the whole society in the long term. Probably every person can remember their first teacher in primary school or just some teacher in high school who made a considerable influence on their lives. Maybe even you remember some positive words of encouragement that your teacher said to you, so that is how this experience lasts for years. If you have seen such great examples of teachers, it means that you have all chances of becoming such a teacher yourself.
  2. You will not get bored. Is teaching a good career for people who like variety? – Sure, it is. Each day will be different: first, you will have freedom planning lessons in a way you want and in a way that is interesting for you; second, you will be meet different people all the time, and this communication would bring more versatility into your life. Besides, being a teacher means being open to new skills, information, and knowledge on a daily basis — you will have a chance to discover something new each day.
  3. You can get fun and excitement from your work. Good teachers who are passionate about their work bring their own personalities, sense of humor, and fun to the classroom. Depending on the target needs and expectations of teacher’s students, the teacher may provide some new content to students, make the practice more interesting and engaging, help students develop their talent and creativity, and so on.
  4. You will get a good schedule. Please be prepared that the schedule will not be light or lazy but you will be able to make it flexible, especially if you have some individual sessions or work part-time. Also, consider that you will have to devote some time to the lesson planning process. If you decide to be a school, college or university teacher, keep in mind that one of the best perks and benefits is paid vacation that is longer than for most of professionals.
  5. You will enjoy some intangible rewards. Apart from some tangible perks and benefits, you will surely derive some intangible rewards, such as the joy from cooperation with kids and teens, some feedback in the form of their knowledge improvement, and the energetic exchange with your students. Besides, the memories of all your students will last for years.

How to Write Why I Want to Be a Teacher Essay?

Above you can find benefits of the profession, which have probably helped you to find the answer to the question “Why do you want to be a teacher?” So, now you can start planning how to write the essay. Below you will find some essential guidelines on how to ensure effective writing process.

  1. Prepare in advance. Make sure you plan the writing process beforehand. Coming up with a detailed plan or outline will help you move through the writing process better. You will also be able to share your thoughts more logically and coherently. In the beginning, you will have to brainstorm ideas you want to convey, find arguments, provide supporting evidence, and decide how many body paragraphs you plan to develop. At this stage, you also need to investigate the needed background information that you may miss.
  2. Write your paper outline. Once you have gathered all the information, you should not organize it in the outline. In the written form, you will be able to structure your ideas, ensure there are logical transitions between them, and connect the ideas consistently.
  3. Formulate the thesis statement. After you have composed your outline, formulate the thesis statement. Make sure it is clear, brief, and strong. You need to provide the central argument in it and make sure that your readers understand what you focus on in the essay. As a rule, the thesis statement should be one or two sentences in length, and it should clearly convey the main message.
  4. Write the introduction. This is the first paragraph that your target audience will read. It makes the first impression, so you need to provide some catchy information in it. Besides, if needed, you need to include some background information about the topic. If you want to write an effective introduction, make sure it has the following constituents:
    • Open the introductory paragraph with a hook. Try to grab attention of your readers.
    • Provide some background information that will help your readers understand the context.
    • Finish the introduction with the thesis statement.
    • Add some information concerning the evidence and supporting facts you want to provide.
  5. The main body. Decide on the number of body paragraphs you want to have. Keep in mind that one body paragraph should be devoted to one idea. Organize the ideas in the order of their priority. As a rule, an average essay should consist of three body paragraphs. Each idea should be provided as a separate part. The body paragraph should start with a topic sentence, then be supported with ample evidence, and then end with a closing sentence.
  6. Conclusion. In the conclusive paragraph, you need to sum up all the findings and information you have discussed. For example, you can reiterate the thesis statement, you can highlight the main arguments, and you can pinpoint to what conclusion you have personally arrived at. By doing all this, keep in mind that you should not repeat the same information that you have already covered in the essay word for word.

Remember that if you have been consulting or using any sources, be sure to provide a reference list and cite them properly within the text. Adhere to the citation style assigned to you.

Hopefully, the abovementioned information and guidelines will be truly helpful in the process of writing. However, if you still need more information or help with working on why I want to be a teacher paper, check out the why I want to be a teacher essay sample on our website. It will definitely come in handy for you as you will take a look at the perfect template that you will be able to use even for your future works. A sample is a great option for you to get an example of how to write the essay on why you want to be a teacher because all of the samples provided are written by real professionals in academic writing.

Why I Want to Be a Teacher Essay Sample

The Decision to Be a Teacher

Once in life, every person needs to decide which professional path to choose. I consider it as one of the most important decisions because it defines many things such as interpersonal connections, financial status, free time, and level of self-satisfaction. Teaching was a possible profession I always wanted to be engaged with. Now I study teaching being sure that it is the most appropriate for me.

The person who influenced my decision was my grandfather who had been working as a teacher of physics for twenty-five years. I used to listen to his interesting stories about impatient school children, imagining how he coped with one or another problem. He was my role model of a man who dedicated his life to others showing how essential it is to get an education.

Twice in my life, I took the test, and the results proved that my profession must include interaction with people. I am an outgoing, caring, and attentive person. Moreover, I love helping people, explaining things, giving advice, or providing support. I enjoy spending my life in a company because communication, especially motivating and full of useful information, gives me energy. Therefore, I thought that I can follow the example of my grandfather and become a teacher in the nearest future.

Being a teacher, I hope not only to put my abilities, skills, and knowledge into practice but also to do the work that will have an impact on the new generation. The period of school is something that people always remember. Not only the knowledge of subjects but also the values that the teachers transmit to their students remain for the whole life. I want to teach my students not only factual information but also inspire them to be good human beings.

Consequently, I decided to be a teacher due to a good example of my grandfather.

Moreover, I followed my inclinations proved by the test and my wish to influence students, helping them to become responsible, clever, and creative people.