Diagnostic Essay Writing

When you begin a course, you are usually tasked to compose a diagnostic essay or a diagnostic composition. This task means writing a piece in an answer to a question or prompt. It shows your writing skills and knowledge, which makes it simpler for your lecturer or professor to determine your strong and weak sides.

What to Wait from a Diagnostic Essay?

A diagnostic essay does not have much distinction from other kinds of essay assignments that you normally receive. It has the same composition. Typically, when creating such a task, you have a limited amount of time, approximately 1 hour.

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What Strategy to Select when Composing a Diagnostic Essay?

As soon as your lecturer will provide you with a theme of your essay, begin considering your concept. Create a rough copy of your thesis statement, then write a plan grounded on the key elements of your future work. Also, control your time, as you will need around 5-10 minutes for correcting and editing your work in the end.

So, in which way to write a diagnostic essay? Below, we have created for you a detailed guideline that will be quite useful and helpful for you.

Proper Structure and Format

Keep in mind that your time is limited, so it is significant to think over the right composition first! Such actions will help you to avoid additional correcting or editing issues. Unless mentioned other information, general diagnostic writing has to involve Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion section.


Repeat the prompt in your own phrases to present a given theme or question. Then shortly say about three key points (arguments) that will be presented in body paragraphs. The last sentence in an introduction is a thesis statement, which has to be not more than one sentence introducing a powerful argument or a call to action.

3 Body Paragraphs

Keep in mind the main rule that claims “1 idea – one body paragraph!”. Introduce an argument and describe how it concerns your thesis. If there is any statistical information or private experience that can be useful, do not hesitate to involve it to support various claims being made.

Conclusion section

Summarizing each key element of paragraphs in such a way that makes even the most complicated information simpler. Do not include any fresh ideas in this paragraph. In your last sentence, say of facts or a problem in question in such a way that it inspires to act positively or research the essay theme deeper.


To sum it up, here is a short plan of a diagnostic essay:

1. Introduction:

  • paraphrased theme or prompt
  • list of main elements

2. Thesis statement

  • Most significant key element
  • Second most significant key element
  • Third most significant key element

3. Conclusion: list of key elements you have told about and an answer to the first prompt

Best Diagnostic Essay Themes Ideas

Literature and English

1. Depict the literature of the Realism era, concentrating on three famous novels or poems that introduce this time period.

2. Speak about three books that impressed you most of all. Why have these three books been so essential to you personally?

3. What is your creating process? Depict your process in a five-paragraph essay.

4. After reading Frankenstein, analyze one of the main heroes from the book.

5. Has literature been significant to your life? Reasons why yes or why not?


6. Depict the reasons for and outcomes of the Industrial Revolution.

7. Select three presidents of the United States and their effect on the union.

8. What does it imply to be American specifically for you?

9. How have historical events affected your private life or your relative’s history?

General Essay Themes

10. Depict a period you were outside of your comfort zone. What effect did it have on your character growth?

11. What is your management style?

12. Who has been the most authoritative personality in your life, and reasons?

13. If you could organize a lunch of three people, living or dead, who would they be and reasons?

14. Depict the gun control debate from various points of view, not following sides but simply describing the different perspectives.

15. Do you think that healthcare (or higher education) has to be common in the United States? Reasons why yes or why not?

16. Why is a free mass media significant to a democracy?

17. What do you consider the greatest threat is to humanity nowadays?

18. If you had a million dollars to open a business, what would you choose, and reasons?

19. Depict your short term and long-term aims.

20. What does the expression “white privilege” imply to you?

21. Do you think it is needed to kill animals for human consumption? Reasons?

22. Is human nature basically positive or negative?

23. Does religion bring more damage than a blessing?

Society and Computers                          

24. Is social network useful or harmful to physical communications among people?

25. Should alcohol consumption age be decreased for American teenagers?

26. What are the disadvantages of distance learning process compared to standard learning techniques?

27. Are racial prejudice disputes grounded on psychology or physiology bases?

28. How do you estimate a place of social networking in 15 years from today?

Healthcare and Medicine

29. How does the university lifestyle affect the sleep patterns of modern learners?

30. What nursing researchers have influenced me and how do I predict my individual social input?

31. Working in the ER department, how could pressure levels be decreased?

32. Have traditional medicine standards to be considered acceptable?

33. Have nursing staff to be fully sincere or politically correct?

Business Management

34. Why do many business companies turn to offshore decisions?

35. In which way gender bias problems in the workplace may be warned?

36. What are the pluses and minuses of outsourcing?

37. Does social network presence help to achieve success or damage the company’s confidentiality due to the digital footprint?

38. A prosperous business is impossible with great employers, yet without a powerful team leader. What do you think?

Political Science

39. Participating of United States in Afghanistan is harmful to the country’s foreign policy.

40. Is it possible to reach a political agreement with the help of mediation techniques?

41. Does the transparency of data in the mass media promote objective coverage on TV channels?

42. What political individual has affected me most of all?

43. Religion disputes and political disputes do not have much in common and should not be combined together. What do you think? Reasons why yes or why not?

Culture and Education

44. Will electronic books become more meaningful than simple print books?

45. What does social media have an impact on body image among teenagers?

46. Can be online bloggers considered as journalists?

47. Has interactive content a power to substitute physical teachers?

48. Have there is to be a common education system in the United States or do alternative teaching techniques have a right to stay alive?

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