Customized Family Essays: Examples, Hints, Topics

Teachers like to use the assignments of family essays to evaluate the skills of the students and assess how well they can share their experiences and express their feelings. This is a personal essay about the life aspects that are sacred for everybody. Writing about their families, school children try to interpret the most significant values in their lives. It is not easy to find the right words as they should sound sincere and demonstrate how tender the students’ love to their parents and siblings is.

A family essay is a great way to emphasize the role of family values in society nowadays. It is aimed at showing how crucial it has been and still is to create new units and establish relationships based on trust, admiration, and honesty. The professors will grade an essay with an A only if it tells not only about the relations, but also about the family culture as a separate unit and as an integral part of the society. You do feel that you love your family, but are you ready to write about this? You have to craft a one or two-page essay and show the power of your emotions. Get started only after you have studied the writing tips and analyzed the samples.

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What Should Be Included into an Essay?

Family essays are both of narrative and personal types. From a personal perspective, you will present your own family; however, from a perspective of a narrator, you will narrate your closest people to the readers in brief. Working on this kind of essays, you have to be sure that you know which information should be covered. Thus, you will be able not to get into excessive details, but to give everything needed to let the readers get acquainted with the people you love. Take into consideration the following writing tips on which aspects you should touch upon in your essay and that will help you be effective in your assignment:

  • Family ethnicity background. You have to tell about the family traditions and customs, which are unique and specific to your family only. You will touch upon the traditions that make you happy and increase the strength of the bond in your family.
  • Your position. How do you feel being the youngest/the oldest/the middle member of the family? Which impact your position lets you produce in the family?
  • Roles of all members in the family. You will tell about the rights and responsibilities everybody in your family has. They will depend on the age of the family members and a number of other factors.
  • Conflicts in the family. It is normal to have conflicts from time to time, but in some cases, some marriages may clash. Give your explanations of how well your family members manage to deal with the problematic situations and how they make their communication effective.
  • Family time for bonding. Do you manage to find time for bonding with your family? What do you generally do together? Which memorable events do you remember?
  • Extended families. Is it a common practice for your family to keep in touch with the members of your extended family?

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Family Essay Writing: Key Features

It would be wrong to single out a family essay among all other kinds of essay writing. This type of assignment shares a lot of features with other essays in terms of organization and structure. Hence, what are the main features of family essay writing?


  • Be concise in presenting your family to the audience.
  • Give general details about your family: the number of people, your position, responsibilities, and so on.

Thesis statement

  • Present the key essay argument in an effective thesis statement.

Essay body

  • Make sure that all required details are included and your story about the family is full.
  • Try to make the story more exciting by adding bright details and examples.


  • Give a summary of everything regarding your family in brief.
  • Make effort and persuade your audience to believe that family values are important.

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Professional Tips for Writers of Family Topic Essays

It is not easy to work on family essays although many students may believe that it is. You may look at the topics and consider them simple, but writing the first paragraph proves that it is rather complex to address all the requirements. Any academic assignment, including a family essay, should comprise an introductory part, the main body, and an effective conclusion.

Prior to your work on essay writing, you should study all the writing tips as they can add to the quality of your work. The process of writing will be effective only if you are well aware of the peculiar features of this specific essay. Let us start!

  • It makes sense to attract the attention of the readers from the very beginning. An exciting fact about your family background will serve you just right here.
  • Work on a strong thesis. It is a sentence that lets the audience know the main idea of the whole essay. Giving the key essay points, the thesis statement influences the overall essay evaluation.
  • After thorough research, give the information on your family background. Share only meaningful information that matters not only to your family.
  • Include three paragraphs into the body. Show how the ideas and actions are developed and give explanations on your personal view of the family and the value of a family in society.
  • Make your conclusion strong. Having summarized all the essay ideas, you will support the thesis statement you had at the beginning.
  • Submit the paper only after careful proofreading. Having written the last word of the paper, do not just close it! You will relax only after you have made the last step. Edit the whole paper. Try reading the paper aloud and amend it, if needed. You need an A grade, so everything should be perfect.

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Remarkable Ideas on the Topics for Family Essays

It may be difficult for you to select a proper topic for your family essay. If a teacher does not specify what you need to write on, you will have to choose the topic yourself. In that case, you should know that the evaluation of your paper will take into account the criterion of an effective topic among others. A good essay topic gives an overall direction to the writing and enables the writer to focus on the key arguments and research. What you need to aim at is to hook the readers. It is typical for the students to opt for common topics and stay not competitive in their academic performance. If you are eager to be successful, you have to pick a rarely discussed topic and sound exclusive. You can make use of our suggestions below:

  1. How can you live up to the expectations of your family: how to cope with excessively high expectations?
  2. Coping with the loss of a parent: stages of grief in adults and children
  3. Fostering children: the issues faced by the parents
  4. Effect of divorce on the family members. How it is possible to reduce the negative effect to the minimum?
  5. Family ageism. Is it right to consider the opinion correct only because an older person holds it?
  6. How can the children from previous marriages accept their new siblings?
  7. The role of family support for people with physical and mental disabilities
  8. Dysfunctional families: which assistance can they get?
  9. Finding a solution to emotional burnout, if some of the family members have a dementing disease
  10. Do high rates of employment along with high standards of living and education guarantee successful and happy families? What are the examples of developed countries?
  11. Happy life is impossible without having a family: agree or disagree
  12. Impact of financial roles in the families on the way of thinking of their members
  13. Is smooth transition to adulthood possible? Is it easy to find a balance between independence and family support?
  14. Unpleasant family secrets and truth learnt accidentally: how to react?
  15. Can a child be happy with sufficient food, shelter, and clothes, but with neglect from the parents?
  16. Drug abusers in the family. Does it make sense to make effort to save others?
  17. How can the parents distribute their love between the children so that had equal shares?
  18. Childhood traumas: how can parents stop transferring them to their children?
  19. Dysfunctional families: narcissistic and toxic parents
  20. Living through family crises in a civilized way
  21. Weak families
  22. Family roles in terms of economic recession
  23. Family business: how can one make a different career choice but save loving relationships with the family
  24. Postmodern society: role of the family
  25. Healthy and harmful family relationships

Having given us all the examples and details on the essay requirements, you let us create a perfect essay on family-related topics. There are so many things you would like to say about your family; still, the task can puzzle you. If you feel that it is the wrong time for the writing task, you can just ask us to help you. Reaching out to the customer support of our website, you will delegate your responsibilities to us. Study the examples of papers on the family values, types, and meaning of family relationships and then show your best in your writing. Let us know which details you would like to be included in your paper and get the desired outputs from us!


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