Good Quality Persuasive Essay Topics: Your Own Personal List!

Why Is It Important to Choose an Interesting Topic for a Persuasive Essay?

Would you believe it if you were told that students everywhere can learn a great deal on how to choose persuasive essay topics that are both interesting and worthy of an A+ grade – just by reading this guide? Is this not the objective of every school, college, and university student? Having access to over one hundred interesting topics for a persuasive essay is, however, not all that a writer needs. The following skills are also required:

  • The ability to read and comprehend a wide range of materials;
  • The ability to research a topic and analyze collected information;
  • The ability to think critically;
  • The ability to format a paper correctly;
  • The ability to write an effective piece.

Nevertheless, the first step in successful essay writing is choosing a suitable subject to base one’s work on along with the ability and willingness to acknowledge any opposing or contradictory arguments.

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Another idea that you may find really helpful is to look for a few free examples of persuasive essays on a variety of subjects. These will give you a general idea about what a good-quality debatable essay should look like.

The supplementary skills mentioned above are usually acquired at elementary and middle school. Sometimes, a teacher does not assign a specific topic. In these cases, a lot of students run into difficulty choosing their own topic and, sometimes, they face failure for handing an assignment in late.

This probably seems good enough reason to check out the tips and the 100 topic ideas in this article. So, please keep reading if you feel sufficiently convinced that you will get a good topic for your persuasive essay here!

Take Advantage of 100 Great Persuasive Essay Topics: Choose Wisely!

No doubt you are impatient to start looking at our topic list, which we have divided into specific categories. These divisions are designed to make it easier for you to choose a topic according to your area of specialization.

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay on Animals

  1. A zoo is a worse place than a human prison.
  2. Pastimes such as hunting and other blood sports are perfectly acceptable.
  3. It would be acceptable to breed foxes to become domestic pets.
  4. People do not have the right to keep exotic animals captured in the wild against the animal’s will.
  5. Humans should consciously stop wearing clothing made of leather and fur.
  6. How is nature influenced by wild animals?
  7. A zoo is a considerably better place than a human jail.
  8. Hunting should be made illegal.
  9. Why it is critical to protect giant pandas.
  10. Which of the planet’s animals poses the least danger?

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay on Education

  1. Exams should be abolished in schools.
  2. Students should be given more holidays.
  3. Teachers should be given less holidays.
  4. Would it be fair to reward students for getting good scores in tests?
  5. School classes should be shorter but held more frequently.
  6. Should parents have more input to education and, therefore, more impact?
  7. How can bullying in schools be punished effectively?
  8. Would you say it is discriminative for schools to offer gender studies?
  9. If a subject could be excluded from the current high school curriculum, what subject should this be?

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay for Elementary Level Education

  1. Is it right that students should be given homework assignments every single night?
  2. Giving elementary school students writing assignments as homework serves no purpose.
  3. The food served in school cafeterias is virtually poisonous.
  4. Lunch should be provided to college students free-of-charge.
  5. Are pets good for children – should all children have them?
  6. Can war ever have a positive outcome and, if so, what is it?
  7. Which activity has the most impact – donating or recycling?
  8. One of the world’s most boring hobbies is collecting dolls and cars.
  9. Money really can make people happy.
  10. It is imperative to allow students of all ages to keep their technological devices.

Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays on Government and Politics

  1. The budget allocation for the US military is enormous – should it be reduced?
  2. The US justice system needs radical improvement.
  3. The United States has never”owned” Alaska.
  4. It would make sense for Puerto Rico to become a separate state.
  5. Why should the US government be responsible for sheltering those who are homeless?
  6. Would a war to end drugs be doomed to failure and, if so, why?
  7. All newly-printed USA banknotes should contain an image of Barack Obama.
  8. Marijuana has the potential to help world peace.
  9. Is it really necessary for state schools to be funded by religious groups?
  10. Recruiters should be obliged to advertise vacancies on government-operated websites.

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay for High School Level Education

  1. Society is no longer dominated by the male gender.
  2. Fathers need to be paid paternity leave by the companies they work for.
  3. Cloning – the moral and ethical aspects.
  4. Abortion should be made illegal.
  5. The death penalty is acceptable as a method of punishment.
  6. The advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms.
  7. Today’s youngsters use various types of communication technology. Should these devices be permitted or banned during exams?
  8. Is the intellect of adolescents’ negatively impacted by modern television?
  9. How much of a problem are hate crimes in different level schools?

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay – Using Humor and Wit!

  1. Students should be given written assignments on Physical Education (PE).
  2. Debatable-style essays serve no purpose.
  3. “Star Wars” was displayed better by”Family Guy” than by George Lucas.
  4. While moms are often seen as the sterner parent, they can actually be crazier and more fun than a dad.
  5. Pink is generally seen as a”female” color. Is there any reason why men should not wear pink clothes?
  6. Being blonde does not necessarily mean a person is dumb.
  7. Who gossips the most – men or women?
  8. It is not a good idea to allow parents to become your friends or followers on, for example, Facebook or Twitter.
  9. Humorous chat-up lines really do work.
  10. Are there good reasons for allowing the drinking of beer among students?

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Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay on Music

  1. Why are musicians in America and Britain paid more than their counterparts in other parts of the world?
  2. Music or dance – which of these school subjects is better for students to study?
  3. Is it possible that children are pushed into committing suicide by certain genres of music e.g. heavy metal?
  4. Is it sensible for people to invest in their own bands?
  5. Would you agree that gothic music uses the subject of death as its focus?
  6. It is no less difficult to play bass guitar than it is to play a six-string electro guitar.
  7. It is not reasonable to call a percussionist a professional musician.
  8. Provided their hearing is normal, everyone has the ability to sing.
  9. Music is thought to be one of the best ways of curing a range of mental illnesses.
  10. Everyone should be literate in music. Hence, this should be a mandatory subject on every high school and college curriculum.

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay on Science

  1. Humans do not have the right to use animals for experimentation purposes or for medical research.
  2. Global warming is the result of human activity.
  3. Physical education does not get enough attention in modern schools.
  4. How safe are cell phones?
  5. Should there be more accountability placed on oil companies with regards to oil spillages?
  6. People are solely responsible for the very high levels of atmospheric pollution.
  7. Could marijuana be useful in the treatment of medical ailments?
  8. Cloning of animals should be prohibited.
  9. Are foods that have been genetically modified safe to eat?
  10. Governments should take part in the development of measures that prevent the extinction of rare animal and plant species.
  11. Law enforcement agencies should be allowed to use DNA profiling when investigating crimes.

Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay on Sports

  1. Those who participate in sports in schools and colleges should receive payment.
  2. Some football players are overrated. Use the case of David Beckham as an example in your answer.
  3. Should it be permissible for boys and girls to participate in the same teams?
  4. Children should not be allowed to participate in extreme sports.
  5. What role do sports days play in modern education?
  6. Of all sports, swimming is the healthiest and safest type.
  7. Which group makes the best role models: athletes or rock musicians?
  8. The entire Olympic games may yet be ruined by scandals.
  9. All professional athletes should be drugs-tested before a contest.

A Few Additional Topic Suggestions (Self-Help Ideas)

  1. One of the most important personal traits that people can have is self-confidence.
  2. Can people become stronger as a result of embarrassing experiences?
  3. Dress to impress (and to succeed).
  4. Can music reduce depression and relieve stress?
  5. Why being true is important.
  6. Are hard work and determination enough to succeed?
  7. Should we be spontaneous in the way we live our lives?
  8. Treating people equally in the workplaces improves productivity.
  9. How hobbies can contribute to an individual’s personal development and growth.
  10. Good people skills are essential to succeed.
  11. Individuals who survive catastrophe or the threat of catastrophe tend to value and appreciate their lives more than they previously did.
  12. Learn to manage your time effectively in order to achieve success at work.

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