The Importance of the Discussion Section of the Dissertation

How to Write a Discussion Section

As PhD students are writing their dissertation, they often dread having to write the discussion section. This part of the paper serves as a bridge between the results chapter and the conclusions. In particular, the primary purpose of the discussion is to provide analysis of the results, answer the questions of the research, confirm that the chosen methods and approaches were appropriate, and evaluate the study. It synthesizes the findings as it relates to the researcher’s knowledge about the subject.

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Don’t know how to write discussion section? Not only is the discussion chapter the most difficult to write, it is the most essential part since it comprises around 40% of the entire paper. What should a discussion section include:

  • Interpret the data. The discussion section begins by providing an overview of the findings and using narration to explain what it all means.
  • Compare this research with other similar studies, which were first introduced in the Literature Review chapter.
  • Evaluate. Discuss how this research was original and how it contributed to the particular field of research and academia more broadly.
  • Explain. If the results were unexpected or differed from what other researchers have found, it will be necessary to clarify the reasons for the discrepancies.
  • Limitations. No research study can ever be perfect. For this reason, it is important to discuss what prevented the research and results from achieving complete preciseness.
  • Future research suggestions. This final part of the section discusses what further research can be done on the topic to enhance and improve upon the findings.

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The dissertation is the most important paper you will ever write as a student. If you successfully write and defend it, a PhD is your reward. But if you fail, you might limp away with a master’s degree and a couple of wasted years. Every chapter of the dissertation is important, but you simply cannot overlook the discussion part. In fact, this is the section of the paper that will receive the most scrutiny when you have to defend it against the dissertation committee.

Even if you think you have strong knowledge of the topic, if you do not have the ability to convey your message in a clear, articulate and professional manner, the reader is not going to be able to make sense of it. Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges of the discussion section is that you have to remain objective and avoid exaggerating the results.

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