Choose the Best Essay Topics On Identity

Do you know what identity is? In fact, it is an essential characteristic of human beings that aims to describe who we are. When exploring the identity concept, one should consider different dimensions including cultural, emotional, and intellectual ones. Our identity is defined by our worldview, values, beliefs, traits, habits, preferences, background, achievements, goals, as well as our failures and lessons we learned from them. Writing an essay on identity is pretty difficult. First, it is rather challenging to find good essay topics on identity. Also, such an essay makes the writer reflect on their achievements, mistakes, and values, which can be quite complicated.

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Writing a Cultural Identity Essay

Before you start writing your essay, you need to clearly define the term. A cultural identity essay is an academic writing piece that aims to prove the author`s belonging to the particular culture attributed to becoming a separate person in this community. Such a paper provides the individual with a sense of identification with a particular culture, customs, nationality, and traditions. The best essay topics on identity are related to:

  • History;
  • Religion;
  • Language;
  • Nationality;
  • Gender;
  • Location.

When writing such an essay, you will need to follow the classic structure that includes an attention-grabbing introduction, an analytical main body, and a strong conclusion. Besides, you should know that when writing an essay on identity, it is absolutely acceptable to use the 1st person, whereas a vast majority of other academic papers require using the 3rd person. What is more, your tutor won`t probably ask you to use any additional sources because the entire essay should be based on your beliefs, emotions, experiences, values, and knowledge. If you want to succeed in writing this essay, you will also need to follow the formatting styles mentioned in your prompt. Most probably, such an essay will require using MLA style, which requires no abstract and title page. For more information, you need to find the Modern Language Association guide and study it thoroughly. Although using additional sources is not required, your teacher will appreciate incorporating the quotes of famous people to prove your arguments and ideas.

Essay Topics on Identity: How to Choose a Good One?

The topic for your identity essay should be narrow enough to allow you to focus on the specific points. If you lack creative ideas, you may have a look at the topics below and they will help you figure out what subject to choose for writing your essay:

  • A real-life experience that has influenced your worldview;
  • The most memorable family tradition you would like to keep;
  • A location that is connected to your childish memories;
  • The influential person, who has contributed to the development of your self-identity;
  • A place that matters for you.

Of course, the list of essay topics on identity is not limited to the subjects mentioned above. If you find it difficult to choose a topic, you just need to brainstorm and try to think about what aspects of your culture, religion, or background can be interesting for readers. For instance, you may write about how your mother had taught you cooking. Human identity consists of these moments, happy and sad, that have contributed to spiritual growth. As such, if you don`t know what to write in your essay on identity, you can always write it about a person, event, or lesson that has helped you reconsider your values.

How to Start an Essay on Identity?

Before you start writing an essay on identity, you need to choose a good topic. Whereas there are many essay topics on identity, we highly recommend you choose the one that resonates with you. It means that you need to be interested in your topic and want to tell something to your reader. Being interested in the subject of your essay, you will be able to create a piece that will engage the most demanding audience.

Begin with a good introduction. The opening paragraph of your essay should be dedicated to contextualizing your topic. Typically, it includes a hook that aims to engage the reader. When it comes to writing an essay on identity, it can be an interesting fact about you.

Develop main body paragraphs. Most probably, you will need to write a standard 5-paragraph essay, which means that your body should include three paragraphs dedicated to three meaningful points. Each paragraph begins with a cohesive argument that should be provided with solid evidence. Pay attention that you need to connect the ideas in your essay using good transitions.

Finalize your essay with a good conclusion. Your final paragraph needs to wrap up the discussion provided above.

Essay on Identity Sample

Having a good example of an identity essay in front of your eyes, you will find it easier to understand how such an essay should be written and structured. If you believe that you won`t cope with writing an identity essay, feel free to turn to a professional writing platform and ask for assistance.