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In the present-day world, instances of social injustice manifest in different areas. For instance, they may appear in the educational system, the workplace, the criminal justice system, etc. Thus, social injustice is a burning issue nowadays. People are suffering from employment discrimination, police brutality, educational inequality, etc.

Students frequently have to write social injustice essay projects. In these papers, they have to discuss the problem and suggest effective ways to solve it. By assigning this task, the professor wants you to acknowledge the problem. Also, you need to apply critical thinking patterns for its effective solving.

What Is Social Injustice?

According to a common definition, social injustice refers to how unfair actions are being done in society. It can occur when the unequal gets treated in an equal manner, whereas the equals get treated in an unequal manner.

Minorities and oppressed social groups are suffering from injustice more often than others. Discrimination, homophobia, and ageism are the most common representations of social injustice. When writing your essay on social injustice, you may focus on these or other important aspects related to the subject.

Injustice in society is a rather broad concept. It includes racial discrimination, gender-related discrimination, unfair labor practices, orientation, ethnicity, or age. What is more, injustice relates to healthcare inequality, low-income education, the death penalty, and many other problems.

In other words, when working on a social injustice argumentative essay, you may focus on the interest of a marginalized group of people. Your task is to suggest efficient ways for solving the problem.

Main Causes of Social Injustice

To write a high-quality social injustice essay, you need to figure out what causes inequality in society. The causes of injustice in society are various. Class discrimination, racism, and economic inequality are some of the main causes of this major problem. At the same time, social injustice can affect everyone. Social injustice occurs when a certain group that has authority, wealth, and power affects a group of vulnerable people in a negative way. Injustice in society may result in missed opportunities for job, education, healthcare, housing, etc. Experiencing inequality at one level, the person will have difficulties in other areas of life. For instance, a person who has a low-income job will have problems with access to appropriate healthcare or housing. Thus, it is important to talk about the problems related to social inequality. When you have to write an essay about social injustice, you need to understand the destructive role of this problem in society.

How to Write Social Inequality Essay: Tips and Strategies

Social injustice is a pretty broad topic that covers a wide range of issues. They are race, gender, sexual orientation, age, income inequality, and many others. If you have never worked on such an essay, you may not know how to make it engaging and interesting for your readers. Below, you will find six efficient strategies that will ease the writing process:

  • Brainstorm your ideas. The quality of your essay depends on the topic chosen and the ideas discussed. Thus, before you start working on your essay, you need to think about the ideas you are going to introduce to your target audience. You will need to make preliminary research to find out what issues of social inequality need in-depth analysis. For instance, you may look for some recent news or stories related to the topic. Consider that no matter what arguments you will include in your essay, you need to back them up with appropriate evidence taken from outside sources;
  • Narrow down your topic. When writing an argumentative essay about social inequality, you need to pick up a narrow topic related to this major problem. The best essays avoid generalizing. Pay attention that a good argumentative essay ought to explain your position supported with valid facts. Finally, the subject chosen for your paper has to match your research interests;
  • Understand the purpose of your essay. Before you start working on your assignment, you need to understand why you were asked to work on it. Once you understand what your professor expects from you, you will understand what to write in your paper. We recommend you study the prompt with detailed guidelines, as well as the grading rubric. Take into account that thorough preparation is the key to writing a great essay;
  • Highlight your argument. The best social injustice essay examples include clear and specific arguments. If you want to impress your audience with a well-written paper, you need to build a strong argument related to your topic. In its essence, your thesis is a debatable claim that will be supported throughout your essay. Pay attention that your argument ought not only to state your position but also to oppose the refuting arguments. No matter what topic you are investigating, your central argument is to be clear and engaging. It will help your target audience understand if the rest of your work is worth reading;
  • Be specific. It goes without saying, but the claims you make in your social inequality essay ought to be supported with solid evidence. For instance, you may provide relevant quotes, statistics, facts, etc., which will prove the accuracy of your arguments. If you are writing about discrimination at work, you may provide real-life examples. They will help your readers understand the importance of the problem. Pay attention that all information you take from outside sources and put in your essay is to be cited in accordance with the rules of the requested formatting style. Otherwise, your tutor may accuse you of plagiarism, which will have a negative effect on your reputation;
  • Consider collaboration. If you experience difficulties with writing a social injustice in America essay, you may consider collaboration with a person, who has sufficient experience in this topic. You may know an individual or organization related to the topic under discussion. By communicating with them, you will be able to find a unique perspective for writing your essay. Collaboration means interviewing a person, getting access to specialized research, sharing opinions, etc. Once you learn how to dig deeper, your writing skills will improve.

By following these simple strategies, you will be able to create a high-quality paper that will impress the most demanding professor. We assure you that by applying a considerable amount of time and effort, you will be able to reach your goals.

Social Inequality Essay Example

America as a multiracial society has attracted a considerable amount of attention from scholars in a wide range of academic disciplines because of a high prevalence of social injustices. The multiethnic and multiracial aspect of the American society has created an environment for propagating social injustices. Notably, members from the non-white communities have been victims of social injustices propagated by the larger majority of the whites. The African American community can be argued to be the most affected group by social injustices in America. Specifically, a major form of social injustices that African Americans have suffered over the years includes police brutality where white police officers have been involved in shooting and killing unarmed and at times underage black men. This exposition seeks to evaluate and explore the police brutality against the blacks as a major form of social injustice in the American society. Although police brutality stands as a major form of social injustice that African Americans have suffered over time, the cause of the same can be attributed to the influence of their genetics that makes them naturally aggressive.

Social injustice is described as a situation where there is an incidence of unfair treatment and practices within the society. Most of these practices and treatments are mainly a complete violation of the law but tends to be justified depending on the lens the situation is being assessed. Most of the social injustices that happen in American society usually take place along the lines of race, gender, skin colour, nationality, and religion. In this perspective, the African Americans have suffered the most social injustices than any other group in American society. African Americans have suffered from segregation, economic inequality, disenfranchisement, massive incarceration, and other forms of mistreatment arising from racial discrimination. One of the most prevalent social injustices suffered by the African Americans in the course of American history and has persisted to the current 21st Century includes the police brutality. Notably, the issue of police brutality has become among the major social injustices explored by scholars.

Police officers especially the whites have been known to use excessive force against the black suspects. In some incidences, the white police officers have been involved in killing not only unarmed black men but also some of whom are underage. As narrated by Thomas and Blackmon, one of such cases includes that of shooting and killing of a 17-year-old African American identified as Trayvon Martin. Specifically, on 26th of February in the year 2012, a Hispanic police officer named George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon following a brief physical confrontation between the two. In the statement, Zimmerman cited that he shot the teenager as self-defence. These shooting and killings are always exacerbated by the fact that some of the police officers charged with the murder of their suspects are later acquitted of their charges. For instance, the acquittal of the police officer that shot and killed Trayvon Martin was neither the first time nor the last time. The police officers involved in some of the incidences of shooting and murdering their suspects have always been acquitted by the criminal justice system in America. This shows the extent to which social injustices have penetrated even in the larger criminal justice system against the members of the African American community.

Some of the cases have sparked massive civil unrests mainly from African Americans protesting against social injustices against their people. Some of the most controversial police brutality incidents started in the course of 1990s. The first incident included that of an African American taxi driver named Rodney Glen whose beating was recorded in a video footage that went viral to an international level. On 3rd of March 1991, a civilian managed to record as a group of police officers from Los Angeles Police Department ruthlessly beat Rodney to a point where he became unconscious. Rodney would later be announced dead from the injuries he got from the beating that included a fractured skull and several lacerations and bruises. In 1992, the four police officers were acquitted of their charges, something that triggered violent protests from African Americans. It is unfortunate of how police officers meant to protect the civilians turns out to be the biggest threat to their well-being in the society.

The recent similar incident that occurred in the 21st Century included the shooting of an 18-year old African American man named Michael Brown. Michael was gunned down by a white police after a brief altercation between the two. It was unfortunate that despite Michael Brown being unarmed, he was shot six times and succumbed to the gunshot wounds. After a short period of time, the criminal justice system never indicted Wilson for his action. This decision is known to have also triggered street protests and demonstrations from the African Americans. In addition to street protests along the streets of Ferguson, the blacks in America intensified their Black Lives Matter campaign, especially across all major social media platforms.

It is important to evaluate some of the factors that may be contributing to police brutality as one of the most persistent forms of social injustices in America. One of the main factors that have been attributed to the prevailing challenge of police brutality in America against the blacks includes racial profiling. Racial profiling is explained as a negative subjective view of people belonging to a certain racial group and predicting their behaviours using unfounded beliefs. From an American context, racial profiling is explained as the discriminatory tendencies exercised by law enforcement agencies where they target certain individuals because of belonging to certain race, religion, or nationality. For instance, since the proliferation of terrorist groups around the world and their close link with Islam, all Muslims are always viewed as potential terrorists and extra measures is applied when processing them in sensitive places like airports. This shows how much racial profiling can influence the objectivity of policymakers in a country.

As a result of this heightened racial profiling along the line of religion, the current President Trump administration enacted the executive order number 13769 that came with the Muslim Ban. This order banned entry of Muslims through airports, something that has continued to stigmatize all Muslims in the country. The executive order was aimed at protecting the country from terrorists’ aggression. This is the same racial profiling that has been taking place against the African Americans. Notably, the racial profiling is usually worsened by racial stereotypes where the blacks are seen as violent and short-tempered individuals. From a preliminary perspective, it is clear that racial profiling stands as the main contributing factor to the continued crisis of police brutality against the African Americans.

However, despite African Americans being a target of social injustice with regard to police brutality, the blacks have been found to have a predisposition of aggressive behaviours than other races. This is a phenomenon that has been proven empirically by social and behavioural scientists. Studies always show that human populations with darker pigmentation have higher tendencies of aggressive behaviours compared to those with lighter pigmentation. From a genetic perspective, the melanocortin system is usually known to determine the colour of the skin, eye, and the hair. In the course of time, scientists have been able to discover that individuals with darker pigmentation are more aggressive with regard to their behaviour. It can be stated that this is what made the police officers vigilant and more suspicious when handling black suspects. In the events leading to the shooting of unarmed African American suspects, there is usually a brief altercation between the police officer and the suspect. These were the circumstances that surrounded the murder of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin by the police agents. In self-defence, the police officers fearing for their lives usually end up shooting and killing black suspects. Therefore, it can be stated that the police officers are compelled to apply excessive force while handling African American suspects.

To sum it up, although police brutality is a social injustice that can be attributed to external factors, it can also be attributed to internal factors with regard to the genetic predisposition of African Americans. Over the years, African Americans have been subjected to a long history of social injustices such as segregation, economic inequality, healthcare disparities, disenfranchisement, and other forms of racial discrimination. However, the form of social injustice that African Americans have suffered the longest includes police brutality. An external factor that is of great significance to facilitating police brutality against the blacks includes racial profiling. As a result of racial profiling, the police officers have been found to use more excessive force while handling African American suspects. In several instances, white police officers have shot and killed African Americans despite being underage but also unarmed. As much as racial profiling stands as a major external factor influencing police brutality against the blacks, geneticists and behavioural scientists have determined that the individuals with darker pigmentation tend to have more aggressive behaviours than those with lighter pigmentation. Therefore, as much as police brutality is a social injustice brought about by external factors, it can also be attributed to internal factors pertaining to the genetic makeup of the blacks. As such, police brutality as a social injustice can be explored from a sociological perspective, it can also be evaluated from biological and genetic perspective.

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