How to Write a Cultural Diversity Essay?

When you are studying in the US, writing a cultural diversity essay will become a part of your daily routine. The United States is a multicultural country, which promotes diversity in many areas. From an early age, children have to respect other ethnic groups and appreciate the interests of other people. In the present-day world, people have different beliefs, backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. Regardless of their cultural peculiarities and personal preferences, all people have to be respected.

Multiculturalism is one of the basic concepts in psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography, cultural studies, etc. If you are studying any of these subjects, you will need to write an essay on cultural diversity. Although you may have insufficient experience in handling such an assignment, our suggestions will enable you to cope with it at a high level. Follow our tips and you will find out how to create a paper that will impress the most demanding audience.

Before you find out how to organize the writing process, you need to know the answer to the following question: “What is cultural diversity essay?”. In a nutshell, it is an academic assignment that requires an in-depth investigation of the issue/issues related to cultural diversity. To submit a good-looking piece, you need to develop strong arguments and present them in an engaging way.
In a multicultural society, individuals have to:

  • Respect the differences of other people;
  • Acknowledge the importance of the representation of own culture;
  • Appreciate the contributions of other cultures;
  • Encourage ethnic minorities to reveal their potential;
  • Tolerate the differences of other cultures and celebrate them;
  • Avoid any barriers and biases in communication with people having different backgrounds.

What Are the Main Benefits of Diversity?

Provided below is the list of the benefits that are available to conscious individuals who appreciate diversity:

  • Learning how to be open-minded. Cultural diversity helps people understand other cultures and avoid stereotypes. For instance, getting an education in a multicultural group will provide an individual with an opportunity to understand other cultures better;
  • Boosting your confidence. Diversity provides an individual with multiple opportunities to grow mentally. In a multicultural group, you are not afraid to leave your comfort zone and communicate with peers;
  • Promoting tolerance and empathy. When interacting with people from different backgrounds, one learns to understand their needs and problems. Although it is difficult to put yourself in someone`s shoes, you will be able to listen to other people;
  • Getting ready for the future. Most successful companies are multicultural. If you are eager to build a successful career in any of them, you need to appreciate diversity and study the cultural peculiarities of other people.

Writing a Cultural Diversity Essay: Efficient Tips

  • Choose a topic that resonates with your interests. Before you select any topic, you need to carry out preliminary research and decide what aspects of diversity require in-depth investigation. If you choose a problem that matches your interests, you will not only create a brilliant essay but also enjoy the writing process. Think about the topics you would discuss with your friend over a cup of coffee. Most probably, one of them will be a good basis for your essay;
  • Develop fresh and non-trivial ideas. No one can deny the fact that diversity is a positive phenomenon. Writing an essay telling your audience why cultural diversity is great is pointless. We strongly recommend you think about the topic and try to uncover it from a non-standard perspective. Such an approach will help you surpass the expectations of your readers;
  • Avoid writing about the things you don`t know. Are you interested in Mexican cuisine? Research the topic and provide your observations in a well-written essay. Your professor will easily find out if you specialize in the subject chosen;
  • Avoid adding too much statistical data. Consider that your essay is not a compilation of the facts you know about the topic. Instead, you need to combine theoretical knowledge with your personal experiences;
  • Step aside from sensitive issues. Although the cultural diversity subject is very broad, there are some conflict issues that ought to be avoided. If you want to criticize the peculiarities of a particular culture, it is better to think twice before doing it;
  • Provide real facts. All of the arguments you suggest in your essay are to be supported with solid evidence. When citing outside sources, you need to be careful. Inappropriate referencing may result in plagiarism accuse;
  • Do not be afraid of taking the side. If you are discussing a debatable issue, you ought not to be afraid to choose a specific position and support it;
  • Use the cultural diversity essay examples. The well-written samples available on the web will help you figure out what your write-up should look like. In some cases, it is better to use the example instead of studying numerous writing suggestions;
  • Be specific. To bring you a good grade, your essay is to be free from irrelevant information. Also, it has to include specific examples explaining your viewpoint;
  • Make sure your paper is free from mistakes and inaccuracies. When you are done with the draft, take some time to revise it and make sure it matches the guidelines provided.

An Example of an Essay about Cultural Diversity

“At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.”. This saying has a great value for understanding the notion of “diversity”. The author states that all people are different, unique and there will never be the same humans. That is why there should exist equality of rights for everyone.

Many dictionaries give various definitions of “diversity” depending on the context. Generally, this term means differences in age, gender, race, cultural background, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities. There also exists ethical diversity, which, according to Hunt D. Sh., & Hansen M. J. encompasses diverse beliefs among employees, managers and executives in organizations due to which ethical or unethical decisions are made.

The main significance of diversity is a fundamental principle of understanding life, due to which people establish relations in the society. Diversity is not a simple tolerance; it is a special gift, which should be taken by all people as some common valuable thing, which is very profitable. Diversity provides the opportunities for interracial communication, interaction of different generations, lifelong learning. This is a convenient way to understand each other and nurture this understanding in further generations. With the help of this principle people broaden their outlook, enrich their experience, participate in a number of activities.

It is the common truth that every person has his/her particular features, likings, views and nobody has the right to neglect them. There should not be any kind of discrimination as everyone is the God’s creature, unique and special in nature. Every member of the community is entitled to have his opinion, sexual orientation, and due to the moral code of conduct, all members of the society should adhere to it.
I am full-fledge member of the community, I obey the rules of the moral principles and rules of conduct, I have respect for the other participants of the society. I always try to make ethical decisions, which are based on moral and decent intensions. Different ethical theories help me to do this: consequentialism, result-based utilitarianism, social responsibility, act theory. The main common thing about these theories is that a person should follow moral principle while making decisions and taking acts, which will lead to the best positive outcome and the development of a community.

Therefore, the notion of “diversity” presupposes differences in many spheres of life, because of which people should not be discriminated, hurt or restricted. All human are equal, they need to strive for better mutual understanding, help and support. The major motive of their actions and even the whole life should be morality, honesty and fairness.