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Globalization is the present-day trend that we cannot ignore. With its help, people can become closer to each other, pass information, as well as interact on many other levels. No wonder, globalization is a subject for discussion in many educational institutions. The 21st century has seen a significant increase in the growth of global integration. The fast development of modern technology has contributed to this process on a large scale.

Writing a globalization essay will enable the student to polish his/her writing skills. Besides, it will help them learn more about the subject. Since the topic is rather broad, you may focus on several important aspects. The successful completion of this task requires a high level of preparation and attention to detail. Have no idea how to write a globalization paper? Consider studying some handy tips and practices collected in our article. In particular, we will help you figure out what are the main pros and cons of global integration. Besides, we will provide you with a good-looking sample.

What Is Globalization?

In its essence, globalization is the increased movement of people, ideas, values, and goods across national borders. This process results in an increased connection among the world’s population in many ways. Besides, it facilitates communication, traveling, business, and many other areas of human life.

3 Types of Globalization

There are three common types that should be familiar for every student, who needs to write an essay on globalization. These types are as follows:

  • Political. This type assumes national policies allowing various countries to move together on political, economic, and cultural levels. UN and NATO are important representatives of political globalization;
  • Economic. This type focuses on the integration of the financial markets of various states. Also, it affects the coordination of financial exchange. Multinational corporations operating in several countries play a significant role in this process;
  • Cultural. This type focuses on technological and societal factors that are affecting culture. These factors include the growing use of social media and ease of communication.

You should understand that three types of globalization affect each other. For instance, national trade policies affect economic processes while politics affects culture. Economic globalization affects cultural tendencies through the import of services and goods that expose people to other cultures.

Pros and Cons of Globalization

To understand this multi-layered concept, one should investigate its benefits and shortcomings in detail. There is no clear answer to the question “Is globalization good or bad?” Yet, you may find out your own reasoning through investigating the main globalization pros and cons. Below, you will find a detailed description of the positive and negative effects of global integration.

Positive Effects of Globalization

In general, this process allows countries to access cheaper natural resources and reduce the cost of labor. As a result, these states can create goods at a lower cost. Supporters state that it positively affects the world. In particular, it:

  • Solves various economic problems. It moves jobs and capital to countries that need these resources. Also, it provides rich countries with cheaper labor and resources. At the same time, people from underdeveloped countries have access to jobs and investment that is necessary for their development;
  • Benefits economic development. In theory, global interaction provides poorer countries with access to foreign technologies they don’t have. Foreign investment results in improved living conditions for the citizens of underdeveloped states;
  • Promotes free trade. Global integration allows reducing tariffs and other barriers to free trade. Thus, it enables the creation of new jobs and promotes economic growth. Also, it makes companies more competitive;
  • Supports positive trends in environment and human rights. Supporters admit that it brings to light the issue of human rights, as well as environmental problems;
  • Promotes cultural understanding. Finally, globalization builds up and strengthens cultural connection between people. It provides more opportunities for people to travel. This, in turn, contributes to fruitful international cooperation.

When writing a globalization essay, don’t forget to locate credible academic sources. They should contain accurate and up-to-date information. Besides, you need to follow all the guidelines of the prompt provided by your tutor.

Negative Effects of Globalization

Along with many great benefits, one should also consider significant shortcomings. Very often, critics admit that globalization causes global inequality. Besides, they point out the following problems:

  • It destabilizes markets. This means that global integration eliminates trade barriers. It leads to compromising national policies and local cultures. People move to other countries looking for well-paid jobs, which affects labor markets. In addition, companies offer some work to employees from the cheaper labor markets;
  • It leads to various environmental problems. The transportation of people and goods leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems. At the same time, global trade can introduce invasive species. Logging and fishing industries may go to countries where business is more lucrative and regulations are not that strict. It may result in deforestation and overfishing in particular parts of the world;
  • It lowers the standard of living. Whereas companies move their operations to minimize costs, it may increase unemployment rates;
  • It affects cultural identities in a negative way. Critics also state that it leads to a reduction in the uniqueness of cultural identities. The international movement of businesses may damage language, traditions, and other cultural aspects of the country. One may fairly state that the Internet greatly contributes to this trend even without physical movement.

As you can see, both the advantages and disadvantages of globalization are significant. No matter what aspects you are going to discuss in your essay, you need to do it clearly and comprehensively.

Get a Globalization Essay Example and Create an Excellent Paper

Writing an essay about globalization requires spending a lot of effort. Do you find it too difficult to figure out how to write an essay about globalization? Check out our sample. It is written according to the latest academic standards. A decent example will help you boost your writing talent.

Globalization is the newest stage in economic, cultural, technological, and political cooperation of different countries. Countries start to cooperate in order to cope with various global problems such as: terrorism, environmental safety, war and peace etc. As a result of globalization, organizations like NATO, United Nations, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank have appeared. Due to communication means and the development of transportation, globalization has rapidly gained its power.

However, globalization has positive and negative sides. Globalization has changed the development of economy, and now there are many free trade zones, tax rates are reduced, and there is a free movement of capitalists etc. The salary rates of well-developed counties have become more stable, and the developing countries are trying to reach the same rates. For example, in China the reform led to the largest reduction of poverty in the history. From 1990 to 2005, poverty rates were reduced from 60 percent to 15 percent. The same happened in India, poverty rates were reduced in half in the past two decades.

Nevertheless, there are some negative sides of globalization. Some powerful people can take advantage of working class people. It means that sometimes employers underpay their employees, therefore, exploitation of the workforce appears. It raises the issue of human rights, and such actions are considered as the direct violation. Another fact is that some countries failed to apply the gains of globalization. For example, countries in Africa, and their export rates have remained extremely confined to a narrow range of primary commodities. Therefore, globalization is not a new process, but today it came to a new stage in cooperation of different countries.

Despite having negative sides, globalization is still may be considered as a positive process. Well-developed countries should pay more attention to the problems of still developing countries. Such organizations like IMF and World Bank try to stabilize economies of the Third World countries, and they provide different rescue packages for them.

Structural adjustment programs (SAP) are required for deadline extension. These programs are provided for countries that cannot pay the debt in time. IMF and World Bank take those measures to extend the credit term. For the long time, less-developed countries suffered from the budget deficit, and inflation etc. Structural adjustment programs had affected these countries in different ways. Some of them failed the gains from this program. International Monetary Fund and World Bank try to support the countries which are in need. Different programs can help a country to patch the holes in the budget. For example, Kenya suffered from the budget deficit, fiscal charges, and inflation. In 1980 structural adjustment had begun in Kenya. Therefore, several structural adjustment and sectoral adjustment loans were implemented to secure the budget. The goal of these measures was to reduce the poverty and to improve the financial situation in various sectors of economy. Kenya received sectoral adjustment loans for agriculture, industry, export development, finance, and education. These measures had numerous impacts on the economy. For Kenya, it was a throwback in the development of the country. Government of Kenya, and International Monetary Fund and World Bank criticized each other for the way of implementation the structural adjustment programs. These programs helped Kenya to become more economically self-sufficient. However, in the first decade after the program was applied it seemed that the plan had worked. It was in the context that the adjustment programs should help to develop the economy. However, these measures were harsh, and it was a fiasco for government of Kenya as well as for IMF and World Bank. Therefore, such measures did not fit the social structure and conditions of Kenya. In general, structural adjustment programs encompassed and decreased expenditures on basic needs and social services, especially on health and education costs.

Concerning the topic of economic efficiency and the problem of copping with poverty, it is good to mention the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR). It is organization that promotes social justice through human rights. The goal of this organization is to manage with poverty and inequality, and fight for human’s rights. CESR raises the issue of inequality, and today this topic is really urgent. Due to globalization, many problems are turning into global ones, and reflect on many factors. However, sometimes it happens because of the lack of awareness of a person. In all perspectives this organization is a promising one.

Currently CESR focused on aftermath of global economic crisis, and on the reduction of global poverty. There are many projects in this organization, and it operates in 22 countries. Today, they work on the Women’s Economic Equality Project (WEEP). This program is aimed on gender equality, and it is noticed particularly in developing countries. Women’s poverty and economic inequality are caused by several factors. It includes: woman’s role of caregiving jobs, and household. This kind of work is usually lower paid than men’s work. Besides, organization tries to protect the rights of migrant workers, and women with disabilities. These efforts are successful, because many problems are urgent for Third World countries. The women, who confront these problems, are uniting around the world. They form a networks and coalitions to educate the society.

Recently, some violations were noticed by global community, and it gave a push for a gaining recognition. These violations were defined by male, so it increased the public concerns. Therefore, organizations like CESR are working on right case, because direct violation must be punished with accordance to law and regulations. In general, this organization is important, because of their forward-looking attitude to the problems.