Descriptive Essay Writing

Descriptive Essay Writing
The determination of a descriptive essay is a kind of written paper, which describes in detail an item, personality, procedure, or situation. The author’s aim is to produce bright reading emotions or to introduce instead of say (figuratively).

Such kind of paper normally addresses the main feelings: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.( Ex: Andrew’s teacup blasted into small-scale pieces of glass, drawing everyone’s consideration around in the shop.)  Constant paying attention to the feelings of heroes is a central point of creating a worthy descriptive essay.

When creating such type of essay, your aim will be to draw an exhaustive illustration for the audience by addressing the five feelings. And the final important note: your essay should have a goal. It can be, for example, a lesson you received from a particular situation, or a narrative of how anything influenced your lifestyle. The main thing here is to implement your vivid ideas into life.

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Preparing a Descriptive Essay Plan

When considering the ideas concerning the descriptive essay, keep in mind that a well-composed essay plan is half of a successful way. It will help you in two directions: to arrange your thoughts, and to refine the main text of your work. A descriptive essay plan is built of the next:

  • An introduction
  • Hook sentence
  • Background data
  • Thesis expression
  • Body paragraphs
  • Theme sentence
  • Sensory elements
  • Actual elements
  • An inference
  • Summary of all central ideas
  • Clincher Announcement

It is essential to dedicate enough time describing the main hero of the essay, as all of your stories will be grounded on it.

Descriptive Essay Tips

  1. Preparing step. Do you have a plain picture of the subject you are planning to write about? Look attentively at all sources you own to determine if you are able to give all essential data on the theme, you have selected. Pay attention that writing about your own experience would be a benefit. Concentrate on your own feelings, smell, taste, or some other senses while thinking about your sample, and then compose an action scheme for step by step writing.
  2. How to begin a descriptive paper? Begin writing with a strong, noticeable hook to pay the audience’s attention: comparison, allegory, bookish quotation, famous person citations, verse, fascinating facts, anecdote.
  3. Make a rough copy of your descriptive essay. You may write down all the phrases you want; later you will have the opportunity to make them shorter. It is not enough to say – introduce the picture of the subject by means of the words only. The method you compose a mental picture for the audience determines your ability to complete a worthy descriptive essay. It is the feature of a skilled author also.
  4. Attaching details to your work with the help of concentrated English vocabulary and online wordbooks. Apply your English language vocabulary to attach all lacking senses like hearing to such kind of essay. Pay attention to your language style while writing – it has to be lyrical to express all your real emotions. Use plenty of various adjectives.
  5. Find time to check and correct the essay with the help of specialized free online grammar tools programs. After you have described your bright place, once again pay attention to the composition of your work to answer a few important questions: if there is a chance to allocate the sentences or paragraphs in another way? If there are all essential transition words? Write down all the sources applied to describe your theme; double-check if the descriptive essay is following the lecturer’s demands in full.
  6. Correct the description essay. Do your best to avoid any possible kinds of mistakes to show your good knowledge and skills of the language.

After finishing your last descriptive essay rough copy, it is a good idea to double-check it with specialists in the scientific field. You have to estimate your essay critically. Proofread and correct the work to avoid or delete any errors.

Descriptive Essay Themes & Ideas

Finding descriptive essays themes is not difficult. You can describe whatever you want – from your favorite country to today’s mood. We have collected a few ideas to help you with start. We hope, you will find worthy descriptive essay themes to evoke your imagination.

  1. Describe in detail your sister (or other members of your family).
  2. Give a bright description of your role personality. For example, favorite actor, talented author, political representative, someone from relatives.
  3. If Nelson Mandela does deserve your attention?
  4. Make a detailed description of your favorite movie character (for instance, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Gabriel Solis, etc.)
  5. Select a popular murderer and disclose his character.
  6. Describe in detail specific features you like in one of your friends.
  7. Make a list of specific traits of your mother/father (sister/brother) which make this personality so significant for you.
  8. Would you prefer Spiderman or Superman?
  9. Essay: describe in details your favorite kind of pet
  10. Why do you think Richard Nixon was that meaningful political personality basing on his actions related to the US?
  11. Prove why your favorite actor is more talented than the others.
  12. Explain why would a specific person act in the way he/she does?
  13. Which psychological reasons had the biggest effect on your own manners?
  14. Describe in detail a personality whom you hate the most.
  15. Describe in detail your favorite cartoon.
  16. Which comedy movie made you laugh the most?
  17. How would you behave if you see your favorite singer in the restaurant?
  18. What do you mean under the “best friend”?
  19. How would you describe your possible enemies?
  20. Describe and explain if you believe or not that friendly relationship can exist between man and woman.
  21. Describe who your favorite psychologist and why.
  22. Describe how an ideal modern supermodel should look like.
  23. Explain why you think George Washington takes so special position in the political life of US.
  24. Make a list of special features that make your father stand out from the rest of the dads.
  25. Why is your sister/brother is the greatest in the universe?
  26. Give a description of the flat you are living in. What would you prefer to do there: to change anything, move away far from that location, or stay without implementing any new details?
  27. Where would you wish to spend the following summer and reasons?
  28. Give an example of an ideal winter location for a vacation.
  29. Give details on your favorite restaurant.
  30. Some learners wish to describe the apartments they are staying in on campus. Share thoughts about how the college community could collect their effort to arrange this place in a better way.
  31. Provide a description of the most favorite city in your country.
  32. How do you imagine the perfect location to arrange your wedding?
  33. Describe the place where we can observe the most shining stars in the sky.
  34. Describe the ideal location to have the most romantic jazz concert ever.
  35. List the names of the cities you would like to see.
  36. My native country is deeply in my heart.
  37. Why has Barcelona the heart of Spain despite it is not even its capital city?
  38. Give a description of the quietest place you have ever visited.
  39. Describe the place you believe is the worst in the world.
  40. Describe in detail the school you have graduated from.
  41. Describe your favorite place with friends.
  42. Describe the most attractive view you have ever seen.
  43. Name the location you would select for the summer open cinema.
  44. Describe your own 5 Wonders of the native country.
  45. Describe what you think is the eighth Wonder of the World.
  46. Describe what you feel when taste dishes from your childhood.
  47. Explain why do you prefer your native city over others.
  48. Describe in detail the way to your favorite park.
  49. Describe the ideal place for your birthday party.
  50. Describe your favorite location, which exists only in books.
  51. Give a chance to your audience to imagine the best day of your life.
  52. What was the most memorable of your last trip to the mountains?
  53. Do you remember your first visit to the zoo?
  54. Compose a map, which would give an opportunity to travel around your memory.
  55. Describe in detail the first day in any educational center.
  56. What would you name the most remarkable experience in your childhood?
  57. Find correct words to describe the memories associated with the favorite pet, which died.
  58. List the songs you like listening to with your mother.
  59. Help your audience understand how you feel yourself in the forest.
  60. Do you like going to the aqua park?
  61. How did you pass your first Math exam?
  62. Which situation from your life made you laugh the most?
  63. Which situation from your life made you cry the most?
  64. Describe in detail your first trip abroad.
  65. Describe a quiet location in the forest you like since childhood.
  66. Do you remember your first bicycle?
  67. Explain if it is important for you to make daily notes in a diary.
  68. Tell about the favorite dishes cooked by your mother.
  69. Tell if you have ever attended the funeral and your emotions.
  70. Describe the most meaningful person in your life.
  71. The most expensive film ever made.
  72. How would you describe the pictures in your flat?
  73. The Burj Khalifa.
  74. The White House: historical meaning.
  75. Star system and the largest stars.
  76. The Role of Koran.
  77. A comfortable pillow as a great part of a healthy spine
  78. Can a man wear heels?
  79. Why do we love computer games?
  80. Things to take to desert.

Descriptive Essay Great Samples

This a quite popular and mostly assigned for student’s kind of essay. Have a look at our works. In this part, you can see some of the best samples and citations followed by a critique.

The Day is Displayed Courage

I work as a manager in one of the well-known banks in town and my day begins at five in the morning on weekdays since am expected to arrive earlier than other employees. The experience of this particular day will remain fresh in my memories. During this fateful day, I woke up feeling rather unusual which clearly indicated that the day ahead had nothing good in store for me. This was aggravated by the weather state, which was very gloomy and was worsened by the dark clouds on that morning. The sun had left its abode long before, but it had not yet shown its face to the earth. This summer morning was unusual because it is normally known to be hot and the searing sun’s heat felt not just by humanity but also by animals and plants.

After I had prepared myself, I got into my car and sped towards my place of work oblivious of what was ahead of me. I arrived at the bank after twenty minutes of driving only to find things were very thick. On getting at the banking hall, the door was slammed shut and I thought of beating a hasty retreat but it was too late for me. A dark short man stood in front of me pointing a gun towards me and I knew immediately that I had limited chances to live. One of his front teeth was missing; something that gave him a funny and disagreeable look and this sent a painful shiver down my spine. He ordered me to lift my hands up and lie on the floor but I was determined to fight back for the sake of my life. I was contemplating on how I could snatch the gun from his hands as I had decided to die rather than act cowardly. On realizing this, he laughed at me loudly with a guttural voice that left me shaking with fear that had gripped me. The ten-minute ordeal seemed like a century and shortly after this, three other men came from the upstairs and I realized they were his accomplices. They seemed to have completed their mission but my stubbornness appeared to be a bother to them. One of them suggested that they should shoot me but the other three refused saying they would worsen the already volatile situation. They finally decided to blindfold me at gunpoint, put me in my car boot, and sped off to an unknown destination.

While at the back of the car, things were running so fast in my mind as I thought of the next course of action to free myself from the monsters. I had to gather courage, save my life, and bring my captors to book for their evil deeds. Sweat flowed profusely from ma body and I found myself at several instances breathing heavily like a ridiculous elephant wishing to relax. It was now clear to me that I had to take the necessary steps to free myself or die a coward in the hands of the criminals. I mustered my energy and hit the boot hard several times flinging it wide open and with lightning speed, I darted out of speeding car oblivious of the danger that awaited me. I sustained a few injuries although I managed to drag myself to the nearest police station to record a statement after which I was rushed to hospital.

Days turned into weeks as police continued with the investigations and one Saturday morning I was awoken by a knock on at my door. I was very cautious this time round because once bitten twice shy. When I opened it, I met officers from the criminal investigations department and my heart skipped a beat but they quickly briefed me on the purpose of their visit. One of my captors had been arrested who led the officers to their hideout where my stolen car and part of the stolen valuables were recovered. The following Monday they were taken to court and after several hearings, they were charged with robbery with violence and sent behind bars for ten years. I took a heavy sigh that left me relaxed and when my eyes met with that of my captors who were fuming with rage. I walked with my shoulders high as everybody showered praises on me for my indefatigable courage.

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