Type of Assignment Guide

Writing an Essay

An essay is a relatively short piece of writing on a particular topic and it may be analytical, expository, informative, or persuasive in nature.

A standard style essay from BestWritingService.ae is comprised of nine (9) pages in single spacing or nineteen (19) pages in double spacing. Larger assignments usually require a different order type, e.g., a research paper, a thesis, or dissertation.

An essay is usually made up of:

  • Title or cover page (available from BestWritingService.ae at no additional cost)
  • Introduction paragraph (with a thesis statement)
  • A few body paragraphs
  • A concluding paragraph
  • A reference list/page (no cost).
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On completing a course or when a semester comes to an end, students are generally expected to submit term papers. Although these differ from research papers in that they do not require extensive research, term papers show how much knowledge the student has acquired on a particular subject. As is customary in most academic papers, a term paper has a main point (or thesis statement), and this is generally presented in the latter part of the introduction paragraph.

Writing a Research Paper – Preparatory Work

To write a high-quality research paper, use only the most credible sources to be sure of having the most reliable topic information. Moreover, collected material will need to be analyzed and arranged in an appropriate manner. Therefore, sufficient time is needed to create a worthy research paper since it needs to be founded on solid fact rather than unsubstantiated words/opinions. While a research paper sets out the results of existing research, it has the additional purpose of using collected materials to build a sound argument to support the writer’s viewpoint.

Research papers are comprised of:

  • Title or cover page (no cost)
  • Introduction paragraph and analysis of relevant literature
  • A description of the research method(s) used
  • Analysis of all research material
  • Research findings/results
  • A discussion section
  • Concluding paragraph
  • A reference list or page (no cost).

Every research paper does not require all the parts mentioned above. Just remember to stick to your tutor’s instructions. In doing so, you are more likely to end up with a high-quality paper that has all the necessary parts.

Writing Book Reports – Main Features of a Book Report

Book reports are informative written pieces where the writer analyses a selected book and gives their opinion on the work. In fact, a book report is quite similar to a book review. The report format, however, summarizes a given book rather than evaluates what is contained in it. With a book report, your task is to discuss the book’s plot, its central idea, its key characters, and its thesis.

Writing a Book or Movie Review

It is important to note that reviews and summaries are different. The review critically analyses a given book or movie. Therefore, to produce a good review, you need to draw on your power of analysis and best writing skills.

Book and/or movie reviews are comprised of:

  • Title of book, author’s name, or name of movie directors and/or actors
  • Brief paragraph summing-up the book’s plot (discuss the central issue in a few short sentences)
  • Body paragraphs. Here, in the main body, the writer should comment on the movie or book they are analyzing. Would you recommend that readers watch or read it?

Coursework Writing

Coursework comes in different forms (essays, term papers, research papers, and so on) and is generally required when a semester comes to an end. The aim is to demonstrate if or how well a student has understood their course materials, and how good they are at analyzing, and giving their opinion on a variety of subject matter.

How a Research Proposal should be Structured

Research proposals are usually comprised of:

  • Title or cover page (no additional cost at BestWritingService.ae)
  • Abstract (no cost)
  • Contents page (no cost)
  • Introduction paragraph (1st chapter)
  • Review of relevant literature (2nd chapter) and short analysis of central question
  • Description of the research methods used (3rd chapter)
  • Reference page/list (no cost)
  • Appendices (where applicable).

The format for a research proposal is roughly similar to dissertation writing, albeit with some style differences. You should use the future tense to describe the approach you will take given that the work is not yet complete, the present tense to describe the paper’s purpose, and the past tense once the work is finished.

Correct Way to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Bibliographies (sometimes referred to as “Reference Pages” or “Works Cited” pages, depending on the formatting style) are used to list sources used in a paper. Bibliography entries usually include such information as the book title, author’s name, date of publication, and so on.

The annotation part is a short summary of the source. It may be used either to analyze or to summarize source information, or it may do both with much dependent on the type of assignment.

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Online Tests

At BestWritingService.ae, the size and cost of online tests and quizzes are calculated according to the number of questions or words (respectively) i.e. 5 questions to a page for tests or 300 words per page in the case of a quiz. Therefore, a test comprised of ten (10) questions equates to a two-page order.

Generally, online test answers need to be typed into test software. Hence, it is necessary to estimate how many words the answers will comprise of to calculate order size (e.g., number of pages). Thus, using the five-questions-per-page rule, where a test has twenty questions that must be answered in sixty words, you need to submit a four-page order.

Tasks that Involve Questions and Answers

Types of Assignments

  1. Fill in the gap questions. Fill in blanks to make complete sentences
  2. Multiple-choice questions: Select correct words, phrases, or sentences.
  3. Word connections. Connect words that mean opposite things.
  4. Transformation: Correct one sentence in a pair so that it means the same thing as the other.
  5. True or false questions. Indicate whether statements are true or are false.
  6. Cloze questions: Complete gaps in a written piece.
  7. Close questions: Require short answers.
  8. Open questions: Require full answers.
  9. Find and fix mistakes: Correct mistakes in provided sentences.

Ordering Multiple-Choice Style Questions

We calculate these on the basis of five questions to a page.

Writing Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations are usually comprised of these parts:

  • Title or cover page (no additional cost when ordered from BestWritingService.ae)
  • Acknowledgements page (no cost)
  • Table of contents (ToC) (no cost)
  • Lists of tables and figures (no cost)
  • Abstract chapter (no cost)
  • Introduction chapter
  • Review of relevant literature
  • Description of research methods
  • Results/findings chapter
  • Conclusion chapter
  • Bibliography page(s) (no cost)
  • Appendices, if required (no cost)
  • Index or glossary (no cost).

Please let your assigned writer know about any specific instructions your professor provides. Accordingly, chapters may need to be included or omitted.

Proofreading and Editing Services

BestWritingService.ae’s proofreading and editing services include:

  1. Identification and correction of errors;
  2. Ensuring sentences are built correctly;
  3. Formatting of essays and papers.

When asked to edit papers, we pay careful attention to:

  1. Formatting and citation style
  2. Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar
  3. Particular terms, borrowed words/phrases, italicized text
  4. Abbreviated terms and acronyms
  5. Endnotes and footnotes
  6. Lists – wording, punctuation, numbering, and parallel constructions
  7. Figure and table organization
  8. Redundancies and run-on sentences
  9. Numbered lists, figures, tables, and so on
  10. Cross-referencing
  11. Passive voice usage
  12. Language usage – check for racist and other inappropriate/improper language
  13. Transitions and sentence structure
  14. Clarity of wording
  15. Writing/formatting style
  16. Structure and referencing
  17. Chapter and section headings
  18. Page, header, and footer numbering
  19. Margin size
  20. Flow of words and content (i.e. general organization)
  21. Technical and mechanical errors in writing (e.g., split infinities, wrong spacing, etc.)
  22. Tables of content
  23. Cover, title, and copyright pages
  24. Table information.

This service does not include research and writing.

Orders for Rewriting

When asked to “rewrite” texts, our writers do the following:

  • Reword or paraphrase part or full texts and add information if required;
  • Identify and correct any spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors;
  • Check that format is correct;
  • Ensure sentences are correctly constructed.

Assistance with Formatting

When asked to format a customer’s text, we check that the required citation or formatting style is appropriately applied, e.g., MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. Please note this service does not include grammar checking.

Assistance with Excel Projects

These assignments usually involve solving mathematical/equation-based problems, doing calculation work, and so on. Additional payment may apply depending on how complex your assignment.

Help with PowerPoint Presentations

The cost of a PowerPoint presentation is calculated according to how many slides are required. If speaker’s notes are needed, please tick this paid service on the order form and we will provide approximately 100 words to 150 words of notes per slide.

Analysis of Case Studies

These assignments require the analysis of a given problem, after which the writer should set out a number of possible solutions, and select the most suitable one. Opinions/viewpoints should be supported with solid argument(s).

Case studies are usually comprised of these parts:

  • Introduction
  • Background or historical information about the issue
  • Choice of options
  • Solid facts
  • Possible solution(s)
  • In-depth analysis
  • Description of any relevant experience the writer has
  • Recommended solution/way forward.

The Option of a Draft

Customers may request a one-page draft once half the agreed deadline is reached to ensure their instructions are being adhered to.

Summary Paper(s)

BestWritingService.ae can send a one-page summary (as a separate attachment) with completed orders if requested to do so.