PowerPoint Presentation

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a useful computer program with the help of which you can make different presentations. You can use various images, animations, sounds, designs, color schemes, fonts as well as other elements to create an eye-catching, impressive presentation. However, if you go over the top with these components, your PowerPoint project may be too gaudy and distracting. Therefore, it is important to find the golden mean to do a professional presentation.

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Here are some recommendations for preparing an effective PowerPoint presentation:

  • Dedicate one slide to one idea.
  • Do not provide too much text on a slide. Consider using bullet points for the succinct presentation of the information.
  • Support the ideas with relevant images, charts, and/or graphs. You should note that appropriate graphics will make your project memorable while the bad ones will distract the audience.
  • Be consistent in your choice of fonts, colors, etc. For example, you should choose some light background color and use a formal font when you are to present a serious issue. Meanwhile, when presenting some less critical issue, you can use more vivid colors and some fancy font.
  • Make sure your presentation has a proper structure. It means that it should consist of introductory, main body, and concluding slides. Therefore, you need to introduce your issue, then cover it deeper and, consequently, draw conclusions.

Things to Consider while Making a PowerPoint Presentation

It is important to note that the preparation of an impressive and catchy presentation requires much time and effort. You need to consider many things while making a PowerPoint project. Here are some of them:


  • Who is your target audience?
  • Are they already familiar with the topic you intend to cover?
  • What should they find out?

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Preparation of Slides

  • Do not provide many ideas on a slide. Usually, one idea is covered on one slide.
  • There is no need to present too much information on a slide. Include key points only.
  • If you present someone else’s ideas, make sure to cite them.
  • Use high quality visuals to support the points presented on the slides.
  • Make sure the font and its size are the same everywhere.
  • Do not use too many colors.
  • Ensure logical organization of the presentation.

Selecting Colors

  • Yellow color can be used if you want to attract the attention of your audience quickly.
  • If you intend to make the viewers excited, choose orange or red color.
  • Dark blue has a soothing effect, so you can use it when you want to present a serious issue.
  • If you want your viewers to feel comfortable, use green color.
  • White color can be used when some sensitive issue is presented.
  • Black is used rarely as it distracts the audience.

If you want the viewers to stay focused, you should make the background dark while the text color should be light. Naturally, the eye will linger on the light area instead of the dark one.

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