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Guidelines on How to Fill in the Order Form

With BestWritingService.ae, it has never been so easy to order a paper!

We have designed our order form in a convenient way for you to be able to quickly provide all the necessary information regarding your order. If you provide the required information clearly and in detail, you will get a perfectly written paper within a short period of time. So, look through the instructions and be ready for receiving the high-quality writing service!

As soon as you press the button “Order Now,” you will be redirected to the main page where you should fill in the necessary information. So, let us get the ball rolling.

First and foremost, you need to fill in the “Personal Information” field. Provide your email address and telephone number. This information will not be forwarded anywhere else – only the company will use it with the aim to deliver quality service for you. Therefore, make sure you provide valid information as it will help our customer support team to contact you easier, and thus save time for writing your order.

Next comes the “Paper Requirements” field. Make sure to provide as full information as possible. First, write the name of the discipline or a subject in which you are ordering your paper. You can choose the subject from the list. In case your subject is not included there, please choose “Other” and type the name yourself. Then, provide the title of your paper. If you have no specific requirements, leave it as “None” or “Writer’s Choice.”

After that, please indicate which type of order you need, its academic level, and the required deadline. Depending on the academic level, you may see some new options in the menu: proofreading option, priority, etc. Apart from that, indicate how many pages you need, urgency, and spacing. If you are hesitating how many pages to order, keep in mind that one double-spaced page equals to 300 words. On the other hand, one single-spaced page is equal to 600 words. Title page and reference page are not included into the total word count. If you need to use some outside sources, remember to indicate the number of sources that must be used (and other details regarding the types of sources, etc.).

word count difference (300 words instead of 270 words per page)
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In addition, you can order a one-page summary for your paper. This service comes in handy for those who need to deliver a presentation on the paper and provide a brief overview of the paper or those who will be interviewed. With such summary, you will have the key points of the paper in front of you.

We also offer a draft option: you will be able to get a draft of your paper after half of the deadline has passed. This draft will provide you with a general idea of how the paper is structured and what it is about.

After you have provided the necessary information regarding your order, you can pay for the order. Keep in mind that if you want to choose a UK writer, then you pay 5% more to your overall price.

You will also see a field, where you can upload any attachments to be used by your writer (lectures, notes, books, etc.). You should also confirm whether you want to receive emergency calls at night regarding your work.

If this order is not the first one you order and you have some discounts, then fill in the discount form please. In case you are placing an additional order, you should also indicate it and mention the order ID of the initial one. We make sure that the same writer continues working on the additional paper. You can also choose your preferred writer if you have ordered our services more than once. What you have to do is just indicate the writer’s ID. Such service will cost extra 15% fee.

There is also an option of VIP services that you can get at discount. There is a field from which you have to choose which services you want.

After filling in all the required information, it is high time to read and accept the company’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. As soon as you have confirmed that you are accepting the conditions and privacy policy, approve your order and have a whale of time while your paper is being written.

IMPORTANT: The website does not remember passwords to your personal profile; therefore make sure you write it down to remember it.

Thank you for trusting us your academic success. We care for your achievements!

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