Essay Writing

How to Succeed in Writing a Marvelous Essay

  • Select a topic.

Your paper topic may be either given to you by your professor or chosen on your own. When the topic is assigned to you, it is necessary to think about the kind of work you are going to produce. Are you intended to provide general information about the subject or analyze it in detail? If the topic is broad, you should make it more specific.

If you are to select a topic on your own, you have to do a lot to pick the most appropriate one. On the other hand, it is a good chance to examine the matter that appeals to you. The first thing you need to do is to set the goal of your essay. Will it have a persuasive or informative character?

When the first stage is passed through, you should research your subject. Think about what you are interested in or what makes you feel exciting? Write down all marvelous ideas.

The last step is to make a key decision. If you want to teach your readers some issue, it is better to deal with the subject you are well aware of. In case your aim is to convince readers of something, you should select the topic you are passionate about. No matter the goal of writing, you need to be sure that the topic is interesting to you and you do know at least something about it.

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  • Make a plan or present your ideas schematically.

Mind that a perfectly written paper requires clearly organized thoughts. It means that you have to present your ideas on paper. Thus, you will see if they relate to each other and whether there is a logical connection between them. It is the basis of your work. In order not to miss any items, you should create an outline or a scheme.

Take a sheet of paper and write a topic in its center. Draw a few lines that will connect your topic and the derived points. At the end of each line, there should be named one of the main issues you are going to address in your paper. Then, these lines should be linked with other lines which in their turn should give some information about each of the main issues.

In case you consider the outline a more suitable option, you should do the following:

  • write the chosen subject at the top of the page;
  • number the chief points and leave some space under each of them;
  •  fill the space with details about each point.

By following this algorithm, you will be able to establish the connection between the expressed ideas. In this way, you will manage to produce a coherent work.

  • Create a thesis statement.

When the topic is selected and the ideas are grouped in proper sections, you need to write a solid thesis statement. It should inform readers about the aim of the paper. Now, you need to check your outline/scheme.

A thesis statement will consist of two sections. The first will present the topic, while the second will put forward the main idea. For example, imagine that you have to write a paper about Bill Clinton and his politics. A proper thesis statement will be the following, “Bill Clinton has made a great influence on the future of the USA while being a president.”

Here is one more case. Imagine that you are to prepare a scholarship work about your valuable qualities. A thesis statement can be the following, “During the years of studies, I have undertaken different kinds of activities. As a result, I have developed my managerial, leadership, and communicative qualities.”

  • Prepare the main body.

This section should provide facts and data about the selected subject. Each paragraph of the body will examine an idea presented in the outline/scheme.

All body paragraphs have to be structured similarly. The opening sentence should state the idea that is to be discussed in the paragraph. The following sentences will describe that idea in detail. Do not forget to draw great examples to support each of the points.

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  • Produce an introduction.

This paragraph should arouse readers’ interest and illustrate the main point of your paper.

In order to capture readers’ attention, you need to make an astonishing point first. You can share a dialogue, joke, or just summarize your topic briefly. Whatever your choice, be confident that it reflects the thesis which should be presented in the last sentence of your introductory unit.

  • Create a conclusion.

It has to conclude all the ideas discussed in the essay. This paragraph should include about four or five sentences. They should state the chief points which you have addressed in your essay. Additionally, a conclusion should reaffirm your thesis statement.

  • Add your personal touch.

You need to be aware of the fact that three written sections do not make the paper complete. You have to check all the details to make sure that your paper is excellent.

Therefore, pay attention to the paragraphs order. Note that the information of primary importance should be presented in the first and last paragraphs. The middle paragraph should provide less essential, i.e. supporting data. Check whether the paragraphs are connected logically.

Make sure that you stick to the guidelines given by your professor or an educational establishment you are applying to. Mind the format.

The final stage is to review the whole essay. Read your paper and see whether it is logical and clear. Be sure that the sentences and paragraphs are connected smoothly. Check the produced work for spelling and grammar mistakes.


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