Dissertation Hypothesis

How You Can Find a Perfect Dissertation Hypothesis Example

A dissertation hypothesis is something you are going to check and test during your study. It is similar to a qualitative research question, which is why it should comprehensive and persuasive. A perfect hypothesis will have the following features:

  • It is testable. In other words, it is a hypothesis which you can reasonably check and test by carrying out a simple experiment.
  • It should be affirmative rather than interrogatory – that is, it should be presented as a statement and never as a question. Assert your position and check it in your study.
  • It should be succinct – It should be formatted as a single sentence, brief and informative. Do not overload your readers with unnecessary information.
  • It should link your readers to earlier research findings. This way, you can create a suitable context for revisiting the significance of your study.

You will hardly find perfect dissertation hypotheses somewhere online. However, you can certainly try to find what you need. With a good hypothesis example at hand, you will have better chances to complete your dissertation properly and on time. The only question is how you can distinguish between hypotheses that are right and those, which are wrong. So, where can you get one?

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Use your library

As a student, you have easy access to rich scholarly databases that are full of academic works. You can take any of them as an example, since they all demonstrate clear adherence to the highest standards of academic quality. Most likely, you will find their hypotheses to be perfect, so you can also use them as a guide. These are probably the best hypothesis samples you can find.

Refer to your graduate supervisor

Graduate supervisors are experienced in every aspect of hypothesis writing, and they can surely provide you with some piece of valuable advice. They have access to relevant academic materials, which can help you build a compelling hypothesis and dissertation argument. Just ask them before it is too late, and you will hardly regret it!

Fellow students and colleagues

At times, your colleagues may have experience conducting their own research. Therefore, they may have some recommendations regarding hypothesis testing. They may even give you their own hypothesis as an example of proper dissertation writing. Or they may tell you where you can find a wonderful hypothesis sample for yourself. Your hypothesis must be strong. The better your hypothesis is, the more likely you are to become an outstanding dissertation writer. Choose the best for your work!


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