Dissertation Chapter: Results

You cannot submit your dissertation for a preliminary review, unless it has a results chapter. BestWritingService.ae is the best place for anyone who needs help with dissertation writing.

Do not forget that the results chapter is one of the critical elements of your dissertation. If you use quantitative research methods, you will have to report the results of your statistical analysis. You are expected to be meticulous, systematic, objective, and thorough in your writing. Apart from presenting the results to your target audience, you will also need to explain them. As you are conducting your study, you may have tons of notes and remarks that are not arranged logically. Your task when writing the results chapter is to rearrange these notes in ways that make the results of your study understandable to your readers.

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BestWritingService.ae can provide you with a variety of statistical writing services:

Data Management

  • If you are looking for help with your results section, we will gladly help you enter, code, and review the original data. These are actually the first steps in managing your statistical data. You will need to convert statistics from your Excel file to SPSS. We will use the latest SPSS package to categorize the data, label your variables, screen them for normality and linearity, and address their multivariate features.

Statistical Analysis

  • We will carry out sophisticated statistical analysis. The exact form and type of the analytical procedures used will vary, depending on your preferences and the goals of your study. For example, you may want us to quantify the means and modes for your demographic data. The nature of the statistical procedures used will depend on your hypothesis, study purpose, and so on. We will provide the required statistical output, which will inform the development of your results chapter.
  • We will write the results chapter in ways that are logical and consistent. At first, we will include some descriptive statistics. We will format and present all figures and tables according to the fundamental conventions of APA 6th ed. You will receive a results chapter that covers all essential points and does not leave any space for speculations. You should not make the reader doubt as to why you have decided to conduct this study. Your reader will definitely enjoy the process of reading your results chapter.

Interpreting the Results

  • Your results chapter will include a thorough explanation of the statistical data. BestWritingService.ae hires experienced teachers and professors, who know how to design your results chapter in ways that meet the most demanding requirements of the most sophisticated dissertation committee. With our help, you will grasp a better understanding of all research processes and their results.

Results Presentation

  • One of the most difficult things about writing a results chapter is designing all figures and tables according to APA format and style. However, you cannot simply ignore its requirements and standards. BestWritingService.ae is the best place where advanced professionals can ensure that your tables and graphs are designed and presented correctly.
  • We will ensure that your results chapter has been edited and proofread to avoid any misunderstandings or errors. If you want us to edit other chapters of your dissertation, we will do it with pleasure.
  • BestWritingService.ae hires professionals who use SAS, SPSS, and other software packages for quantitative and qualitative research.

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