Additional Writing Services

Progressive Delivery

Delivering orders progressively (or progressive delivery) is a special option our company offers. This method helps the customer to manage orders that are longer and more complex, e.g., those that are 20+ pages or over in double-spacing or 10+ pages or more in single-spacing.  

This special service provides the following advantages:

  • It allows customers to track the progress of their writing projects since their paper(s) will be delivered to them in parts for their approval prior to the final submission deadline
  • Revisions are provided free for up to 30 days after delivery (while free revisions are only available for 2 days in the case of regular papers).  
  • We assign one of our best writers and editors to work on any order you place.
  • We assign a personal account manager to monitor your order to make sure it is completed successfully. The allocation of this person also ensures that any communication between a customer and their assigned writer is fast, effective, and efficient.  

We send drafts as follows*:

  • In the case of orders with an urgency level 4 days or less, we send one draft before 50% of that order’s deadline has expired (e.g., in the case of orders with a deadline of 2 days, we send a draft in 1 day) to the tune of 25% of the order’s total size (e.g., in the case of orders of 20 pages, we send the customers 5 pages worth of draft).   
  • In the case of orders with an urgency level of 5 to 11 days, we send two separate drafts before 25% and 50% of that order’s deadline has expired and to the tune of 25% and 50% respectively of the order’s total size.
  • In the case of orders with an urgency level of 12 days or more, we send three separate drafts before 25%, 50%, and 75% of that order’s deadline has expired and to the tune of 25%, 50%, and 75% respectively of the order’s total size.

More flexibility for only 15% added to the cost of an order

  • Where customers wish to get their paper(s) by a different means, we can work out a personalized plan according to their preferences and the peculiarities of their order. In these cases, the details may be discussed and settled with the person managing the particular order.
word count difference (300 words instead of 270 words per page)
off for a first-time order

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Additional Writing Services for Shorter Orders (20 pages or less)

Get a One-page Summary of the Paper You Order

We can provide summaries as an additional (optional) service. This means you can get a brief summary of your entire paper in 1 page so that you can see the key points at a glance. This option is recommended for customers who need to report at intervals on the topic they are researching.

Get a Draft of the Paper Your Order

With our draft service, it is possible for the customer to receive their paper as a one-page draft i.e. a 300-word document in double-spacing or a 600-word document in single-spacing once 50% of an order’s deadline has expired. So, for instance, if your order has an urgency level of 4 days, we will send your draft in 2 days.

Extended Revisions

With, you get a guarantee of free revisions for any paper for up to 48 hours after your order has been delivered. This service extends the revision timeframe for up to 14 days to suit your convenience!