Great Rewriting Comes Easy

If you have a project that needs rewriting and you expect that it will improve its quality, it is better that you learn how to write a text perfectly and effectively.

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  1. Develop a preliminary draft. Use your most ambitious ideas into easy-to-understand words and sentences. Just write down the flow of ideas that runs through your mind. Do not try to edit or revise it. You will do it later. Your task now is to compile the thoughts and ideas you have on your mind and see how they fit together.
  2. Now it is time to review the preliminary draft. Get back to what you have written and see if it sounds logical. You may figure out some major logical inconsistencies or identify some minor problems when your ideas need to be rearranged and restructured to make your text better.
  3. Now you can add some rewritten passages; you may also want to rewrite once again what you have already rewritten. Look at your notes. At times, you need to rewrite everything from scratch. Delete or rewrite everything that looks messy.
  4. Now you are ready to revise your text. Read and reread it several times. Make sure that you do not use any unnecessary or redundant information. Eliminate inconsistencies and illogical sentences. Avoid space fillers. Add richness to your descriptions. Use diverse language and structures. Persuade your readers that you have mastered the complexity of the written language and can use it professionally.
  5. Now you can edit the revised text. Of course, you have done most operations needed to successfully complete your rewriting assignment. However, you are still to edit this draft to make it look perfect. It is your turn to look at the way sentences fit together. Check if your text contains any errors. Check the rules of grammar and spelling. If you do not know how to edit your text, you can always find a competent professional to complete this task for you.
  6. Finally, it is time to proofread your paper. You have done a huge job turning your initial draft into a polished piece of academic writing. Proofread your paper to make sure that you have eliminated and corrected all errors.

Please, note that you may need to repeat any steps noted above. For example, you may need to review and edit your text over and over again, until you see that it is free of any errors. Ideally, you may want to hire some qualified and reputable editing and rewriting service to do this job. Even if you are a perfect writer, you may still need someone from the outside to take a look at your project and edit any inconsistencies, which you might have failed to notice while working on your draft.