When you are not in a hurry and have enough time to review and analyze your work, it is one of the best opportunities given to you. You are expected to revise your paper as many times as you can, until you feel that it is perfect. One of the best things when proofreading your paper is when you put it away for a couple of days and then return to it with a fresh mind. While revising your work, it is better to follow the same circle of activities at least twice. That is, make a couple of breaks and then get back to your paper for further revisions.

When considering the draft of your paper, you can follow our recommendations and use the questions and recommendations below to improve the quality of your work. You may want to remove some information, add some information, or restructure your paper completely.

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Determine the Main Point of Your Paper

What is the main point you are trying to communicate in your work? What is your thesis? Do you believe that your thesis is informative and argumentative enough to support your point? What if you were an external reader, would you be able to understand the meaning of your paper, your message and your intent?

Who Is Your Target Audience?

What is the intent and purpose of your paper? Who is your target audience? Can you be sure that the message and topic of your paper fit the target audience? Can you be sure that they will be interested in reading your paper?

How Good Is Your Evidence?

How does the evidence used in your paper support the thesis of your work? Can you see that you have enough evidence to inform your thesis and argument? Do you use credible evidence? Does it come from peer-reviewed sources? Do you use extensive citations and references to substantiate your claims?

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Choose the Best Parts

Can you see that all ideas and claims included in your paper are related to your thesis? Do you use your thesis as the starting point in building your paper?

Check and Refine Your Language

You must use academic language when citing and managing your information. You must avoid ambiguities and confusion. Have you been successful in avoiding unnecessary words and sentences? Be sure to check them twice.

Check Your Grammar, Spelling, and Style

Have you been thorough in refining and improving your grammar and spelling? Can you be sure that you have eliminated all grammar errors and spelling mistakes? Did you find any typos? Have you eliminated them?

Focus on the Reader, not on Yourself

You do not need to advertise yourself to produce a perfect paper. Rather, your task is to understand and meet the needs of your readers. What do you think your readers will say when they read your paper? Do you think they will like it? Do you believe that you have been successful meeting the academic needs of your audience?


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