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Writing Tips That Will Turn You Into A Knight Of The Pen

Good writing explores profound topics, surpassing the usual perception of both macrocosm and microcosm. It expresses reality in uncanny forms and makes fairy-tales tangible.

Writing Tips That Will Turn You Into A Knight Of The PenIf you’ve chosen the writer’s path, you should follow it eloquently, creatively, and flawlessly. Apparently, you can’t become a knight of the pen at one stroke. Only significant experience and painstaking practice of the writing art will turn an amateur in you into a connoisseur.

We’ve selected the best writing tips to help you become an outstanding author.

  1. If you don’t intend to create some surreal prose or imitate James Joyce’s stream of consciousness, you must use punctuation properly. Without commas and periods, your writing will puzzle your readers.
  2. You should remember that editing while producing your first draft is a crucial mistake of many beginners. Elimination of mistakes and enhancement of your writing style are the processes related to the completion stage of your creation. Editing will only hinder the progress of your work. Get rid of this purist attitude and let your ideas flow.
  3. Expand your vocabulary, continuously searching for new words. You shouldn’t write in a trivial way and repeat what you described before.
  4. Dedicate at least half an hour to writing daily. A scrupulous practice is undoubtedly rewarding. Soon you will notice almost a miraculous transformation of your skills. Your imagination will expand like some incredible cosmic phenomenon, filling your mind with amazing ideas. A genuine writer always bravely experiments with word choice and writing styles (you may suddenly create some peculiar neologisms).
  5. We’re sure you’ve heard about NaNoWriMo. Don’t be lazy and challenge yourself by writing a 50,000-word novel in a month. You will notice significant improvements in your writing.
  6. Another transforming treasure that makes people astute writers is reading. You can't go wrong if you decide to delve into the classic literature. Why? The majority of authors who produced their masterworks before or during the 20th century embodied highly symbolic, revolutionary and even prophetic ideas. Moreover, their turn of phrase is satiated with figurative language and various literary devices. They can become your smartest teachers. On the contrary, if you want to keep abreast with the times, search for the exemplary contemporary authors. However, before you make your exceptional literary choice, you must learn to differentiate between the bookish masterpieces and trivial pulp fiction.
  7. After you discover those incomparable knights of the pen who would inspire you, start writing out their quotes or even long excerpts of their works. It will improve your linguistic mastery.
  8. Don’t be appalled by criticism (especially a reasonable one) – kindly accept it from the experienced critics. Be sure, they will teach you to avoid silly writing mistakes.
  9. Read your creations out loud. It will help you to identify and correct ambiguous sentence structures and grammar errors.
  10. Concentrate on your purpose when writing. It’s essential to understand what exactly you want to express. When you start comprehending the core idea of your plot, your imagination will be rejuvenated, releasing the flow of original thoughts. Envisioning your intention also helps to overcome a villainous writer’s block.

Your creative potential is greater than you think. If you feel an incredible surge of energy the very moment you take your pen or type the first sentence on your keyboard, it means that ancient muses try to invoke your inner genius.