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Why Is Perspicuity Crucial?

Imagine that you have a great idea to write down, and you spend hours, days and even weeks to express it clearly on paper.

You are giving it all your feelings and are carefully putting your soul in it. Nevertheless, people, who are expected to understand it, comprehend it partly or don’t get it at all. What is going on? What is the reason of it?
The answer is transparency. Your masterpiece might be not clear enough. If the audience is not following your idea all the way it goes, it means that the words you used were not effective, or your idea is not catchy, or sentences are too boring to read till the end; actually, there can be a plenty of reasons. 

Why is ClarityHow to Reach Perspicuity?

1. Perspicuity requires simple formulation of ideas and reasonable explanations. Thus, don’t put alike sentences in a row. Let’s say your audience are children for whom your explanation is needed in order to understand you properly. Each concept and term should be clear. This may stimulate your creativity to seek for and use simple words and phrases. 
2. The idea should be first of all clear for yourself; you need to define what you are writing about. Amateurs often have just a possible direction of writing when professionals always have a full, bright idea and create a precise topic sentence, which represents the main idea of the work. 
3. It might seem a little bit boring, but start your writings by creating a draft. It will help you make a strong core of your further writing and proceed with an approximate plan.    
4. Use small and precise sentences.  Long sentences have less chances to be read till the end. If you see a long sentence, separate it into two or three smaller ones. Also when writing, avoid word orders, which are too complicated for an average person. It will cut at least 30% of the text that at first glance seemed necessary. 
5. Make sure that you always use active voice where it is possible. It makes your sentences more appealing and dynamic.
Typical Mistakes:
–  Enormous usage of words, which do not appeal to the main idea of a sentence. It may distract reader’s attention and therefore he/she will stop reading. 
– Excessive usage of phrases like: “To start a ball rolling…,” “As far as I concerned…,” or “Taking into consideration the fact that…” Such phrases actually make your sentence longer without appealing to the meaning. They are rather useful in speeches, but writing is required to be more accurate.
– Incomprehensive logical relations. Sometimes authors construct their sentence in such a way that it may be hard to define where the subject and the object are.