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Why Academic Writing Is Useful

The Way Academic Writing Helps You

Are you one of those students who is convinced that academic writing is of no use to them? Let us try to prove you otherwise. Nowadays, the vast majority of people communicates through different social media. For better or for worse, not only text messages have become a part and parcel of our everyday life but also have begun to substitute phone calls and even face-to-face communication to some extent. That is why it is crucial to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas through written text effectively. And academic writing helps you develop your writing skills significantly.

Reasons Academic Writing is Useful:

  • Makes your writing coherent

Quite often you come across pieces of writing, such as Facebook posts, Instagram captions and so on, which are rather difficult to understand. They might be written in a grammatically correct language and be full of examples, yet still leave you questioning one thing: What did the author want to say? What was this text written for? The problem with such pieces of writing is that they lack coherence. They might contain different ideas which are completely unconnected with each other. That is why readers see no logic in them and can’t really comprehend them.

When it comes to academic writing, coherence is one of the top priorities. If you want to get good grades, you have to deliver logical, well-structured, and coherent papers. So, after writing a great number of papers in college, you won’t have any trouble writing a coherent text for your social media.

  • Makes your writing more enjoyable to read.

When you write a story about an interesting situation that has happened to you during vacation or simply while you were taking a walk in the local park and share it on social media, you want your friends and followers to read it and react to it: like it, comment on how they can relate to the story and so on. However, it will never happen if your piece of writing is not enjoyable to read. You can’t just deliver a dry sequence of events and expect people to find it to be worth reading. Apart from being logically arranged and interconnected, your ideas should have a smooth transition from one to another. Only in that case your story will be actually interesting.

  • Makes you think about facts

It’s important to support your ideas with valid facts. Of course, it’s way easier to just describe your own point of view, share your personal believes. However, your blog post or personal message gains a new value when it’s idea is supported by a trustworthy source. And that is exactly what academic writing teaches you: when you make a statement, you have to validate it.

So, do still believe academic writing is useless?