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What Communication Skills Are the Most Effective?

What-Are-the-Most-Effective-Communication-Skills-to-HaveGood communication skills are a considerable advantage at a job interview, first date or family argument. A person who is great in communicating will have a better relationship with family and friends as well as a better career. Studies show that college graduates who are great communicators usually get a better job. Good communication skills matter. They have incredible influence on all spheres of our lives. That is why we have prepared the list of the most effective communication skills. Try to perfect your skills right now!


Have you ever thought of listening as a communication skill? We believe that listening is the key to successful communication. How would you feel talking to a person who never gives you a chance to say a word? Would you enjoy communicating with him/her? Of course not, because this person is a great talker, not communicator. Listening teaches us to understand people and find a common ground with anyone. Good listeners are more attentive to details, always get things clear and usually do not forget what speaker has said.


It is a very important skill, which you should develop, is to express thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. This skill is more important for writers because the reader cannot ask the author for clarification. Something that makes sense in our heads will not sound logical after saying aloud without context (e.g. the usage of personal pronouns/nonspecific words without clarifying who/what that word refers to). Perfect your clarity in writing and speaking and you will be less misunderstood.


You should try smiling and making eye contact because your facial expressions and body language really matter! If you want to find a common language with someone, you need to look friendly. A little openness might lead to new opportunities and friends!


People have so different points of view that it is almost impossible to understand them. It is always easier to look at this world from our own perspective. However, try to consider things from the point of view of your partner. Only then, you will really understand this person. This is empathy. The ability to understand and hear a true meaning of the conversation. Being empathic, you look more tolerant and supportive. Your family and friends will appreciate if you hone this communication skill.


Usually, our favorite people to talk with are vibrant, positive and emotional. These people can easily change our mood and make us a little energetic. If you want to be a great communicator, show enthusiasm for a topic discussed, ask some questions, show that you care. We are attracted to passionate personalities, so be the one!

Do not believe that effective communication comes naturally. We have to work at it, continuously improving our skills, stepping out of comfort zone and practicing. Good communication skills are powerful tools that show our ideas to the whole world. It is worth the efforts.