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Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

Top-7-Tips-to-Become-a-Blogging-ExpertBlogging is a mixture of science and art, and since a big part of blogging is art, there’s no fixed way or formula that will help you to become an expert blogger. However, it’s wise to follow people who have already become successful in the areas that you only start approaching. Check out these 7 tips from experts who have already built successful businesses within the blogging sphere and start transforming your blog today!

1. Write for yourself

The first thing you need to do is to start writing for yourself. Don’t think if anyone will read it or not, just focus on what’s inside and put it on the page.

2. Ask your audience what they want

Ask your readers what they want to read about and it will help your blog to become bigger. Use Tweets and blog comments to find out what your audience wants.

3. Know your audience

You need to understand and know your audience better than they know themselves. It’s not an easy task, because it involves a lot of research and also being a leader of the group of people that you work with, but all your efforts will be totally worth it. In terms of blogging, understanding your audience means having a better idea of what to write for them than they have in mind themselves. 

 4. Build your email list

Even if you have no plans of selling anything, you need to have an email list in order to promote your content to your audience directly without needing to worry how many people will see it or thinking if you need to advertise your announcements. Try different language when asking for subscription. Experience of many bloggers shows that changing a couple of words can increase subscription rate up to 300%.

5. Love your readers

There are bloggers who dedicate too much time to search for new readers, forgetting about the existing ones – it’s a mistake. You should spend enough time to show your current readers that you appreciate them. Once you do this, you will know them better, and when that happens you will start producing even better content for them.

 6. Build outstanding call-to-action

If you don’t create attractive call-to-action, you will find it difficult to get returning visitors and grow your social media audience. Don’t think that people will find everything themselves – they won’t. In the end of each post, write some kind of call-to-action so that people can subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media or do any other beneficial activity for you.

7. Give away stuff

This is how you turn your fans to loyal fans. According to the research performed by Incentivibe, adding a giveaway can increase the number of email subscribers minimum by 125%.

Follow your dream and keep up the good work with your blog!