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Top 5 Tips to Become an Academic Writing Mastermind

Becoming-an-Academic-Writing-ExpertEven though some students say that they don’t care about how good they are in academic writing because they won’t need this skill later in their lives, in reality, all students want to write excellent academic papers. Becoming a good academic writer is challenging in case it involves a lot of efforts aimed at refining your style, especially if you want your work to be published in a respected academic journal. In this case you must get ready to spend days just to understand the peculiarities of styling and formatting requirements. This article is a short but very useful guide to becoming a published academic author.

When You Use the Quote Support It With an Explanation

The list starts with a serious academic writing mistake when the writer uses a quote and then just moves on to his or her next idea. This is wrong. If you want to make your academic paper convincing, you need to give proper explanations to the quotes you’re using. That’s what will help your paper stay lucid and focused.

Respect the Thoughts of Previous Researchers

It’s natural that as you work on your academic paper you come across other authors who have opinions contrary to yours. Your task is not to simply dismiss their arguments. In fact, it would be much better if you could add their points of view to your work. This way you will increase the academic value of your paper. Even more value can be added by explaining why exactly you think that previous author’s points of view are not quite correct or are irrelevant in the context of your research.  

Provide Appropriate Examples to Strengthen Your Argument

Making a plausible argument is very important and in order to achieve it you should use the examples that will assure your readers that what you’re saying is right. Make sure to use strong vocabulary to make them agree with you easily. Implementing examples make sure you’re using the relevant ones.

Understand Your Reader 

When you understand your reader, you are able to turn their attention where you want and avoid writing sentences that can lead them astray. It’s of the utmost importance to link crucial pieces in order to make your paper impressive and coherent.

Be Cautious and Precise When Making the Point 

Choice of correct words that reflect exactly what you want to say is what differentiates an excellent work from a mediocre. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say that ability to write precisely what you want to say takes your academic paper to the top level. Aside from precision in the selection of words, avoid saying something if you don’t plan to support it with strong evidence or data.

Follow these 5 tips and your level of academic writing is bound to increase.