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Tips for Writing an Outline Part 2

Learn more about writing an essay outline now! 

Tips for Writing an Outline Part 2Key Points to Consider 

1. If you create an outline, the process of writing your essay, defining your main points, and organizing your ideas will become much easier to you.
2. In general, outlines can be divided into topic and sentence outlines. When you develop a topic outline, you should write in general short phrases to make it more flexible. In case you’re writing a sentence outline, you should write complete sentences and add more details. 
3. Remember that the more time to spend writing your outline, the less time you will need to complete your essay.
4. If you have an outline, you will know what you’re writing about, control the word limit, and accelerate the writing process considerably. 

Do and Don’t

Things You Should Definitely Do:

  • Do write down all your main points and categories.
  • Do create full but brief assertions for your principal points. 
  • Do add some extra notes that indirectly relate to your essay content but can help you write. 
  • Do find time to write an outline beforehand. If you decide to do it in the last minute, neither your outline, not your essay will be good.
  • Do use graphics to show correlations between the categories of your outline and your main points.    

Don’t Do the Following 

  • Don’t think that writing an outline is a useless task. It actually helps a lot.
  • Don’t hesitate to add more points and categories into your outline to make your essay more complex and complete. 
  • Don’t be scared if you have to reorganize or reformulate your outline. Make any changes you need.
  • Don’t think that you have to strictly follow your outline. In case you find any essential information that wasn’t included in it, add it to your essay.
  • Don’t proceed to write your essay until you’re completely satisfied with your outline.

Mistakes Writers Usually Make 

– Trying to conduct the research and sort out the information you’ve found before formulating the topic and purpose of your essay in a precise manner.
– Turning the outline into a brief version of your essay. Remember that an outline is a framework or a scheme of your future essay that will facilitate your writing process later and turn it into the fill-in-the-blank exercise. 
– Attempting to squeeze all the information you have discovered while doing your research into your outline and your essay. Don’t hesitate to get rid off the information you don’t actually need.
– Procrastinating for a long time and then attempting to create both an outline and an essay in the last minute. In this case, you will end up having both of them poorly written or won’t be able to complete them at all. 

Are you ready to use these writing tips and create an outline for your essay?