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Tips for Writing an Outline: Part 1

Have you ever experienced a feeling that your head is full of ideas for writing your essay, but you don’t know how to begin writing or get stuck after writing a couple of sentences and don’t know how to continue?

If you did, you must know that writing an outline will help you avoid such a situation. It will help you develop your essay in a more organized manner and create a framework for you to follow. To learn the best tips on how to write an essay outline and facilitate your topics selection process, read this article! 

Writing an Outline-Part-1Steps for Writing an Outline

1. Select your general purpose. Choose the type of your essay – descriptive, persuasive, reflective, compare-and-contrast, etc. When you get the general focus, put together your topic. Thus, you may identify your essay’s purpose.
2. Research. Try to find as much information as you need to support your point. 
3. Create the structure. Think how you can organize the information you have found (by theme, chronologically, by relevance, etc.) to create the best structure. For example, you may give the points that oppose your opinion first and then introduce those that support it. Then break your topic down into smaller categories and check whether in your outline every single paragraph has the information about these categories. After that, you can identify the major points that will be covered in these paragraphs. 
4. Create a draft of your introduction. You need to write your thesis statement and make up a short preview of your essay in the introduction.
5. Arrange the main points in your main body. At this step, you need to systematize the key points of the categories you’ve ruled out and give supporting facts for each one of them.
6. Make a sketch of your conclusion. Summarize the main points of your essay and reveal how you have reached your conclusion. It’s good to include your afterthought to make the reader more interested. 
7. Review your outline. You should be sure that you haven’t missed any crucial details in your outline and organized in it a logical way. Afterwards, you may begin writing an essay.

Choice of the Topic 

Selecting a good and interesting topic is crucial for creating a good essay. It is also very important to choose the right type of essay before writing an outline to know how you should structure it and share the data you have found. If the topic of your essay is not pre-assigned and you need to select one on your own, you should think closely on what topic on the subject might be interesting to you. Afterwards, put it into words so that it communicates with the type of your essay and continue conducting your research and creating your outline.