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Things that Will Surprise You during Your First Month in College

Now, when I have successfully completed the first month in college, I can reflect on multiple misconceptions I had about college. I came to the college with certain pictures in my head about how everything was going to be like, and now I realize that most of those ideas were not true. Those ideas appeared mostly from rumors, which I heard in high school, and from Instagram pictures, which demonstrated the first month of college. The entire college life significantly differs from what I expected.

You will miss your parents

I promise you will, even if you do not believe me now. There will appear a gap in your life when you go to college and your parents are far from you. Sure, they still can call you anytime, but it is different without their presence. There is no one around to help you, to make you clean your room or study for exams. You will miss your parents so much.

You cannot replace your friends from home

You will not find someone like your friend from home while you are in college. Do not even try to replace them, it will not work. You should realize that no one can fill the spot that they have in your life. You will definitely miss the little things they do and will realize that there are no other people in the whole world who have the same characteristics. And finally, you will understand how lucky you are to have your friends in your life.

Making friends is really hard

One of college mistakes is thinking that making new friends is very easy. Actually, it is not. Everybody comes to college having close friends at home and suddenly you are thrown into a place with a multiplicity of random strangers. You should realize that meeting new friends will not take just a couple of days. Talking to new people might feel awkward, and creating genuine connections with them may be complicated. Additionally, some people might not even like you, so you just must learn how to move on and find somebody else.

Things They Don_t Tell You About Your First Month Of College

The work load is very different

Actually, students read a lot in the first college months, much more than they have ever read in their lives. Also, professors do not remind that your homework is for the upcoming day, everything is on you now. Also, college professors are rarely lenient. Students have to write a lot of academic papers and fulfill many other tasks.

You are constantly tired

You will find it so painfully difficult to wake up for the class which starts at 10:00 a.m. Even if you have a chance to sleep the entire day, you will still feel tired to death. Everything you have to do during the day, including even eating, walking, and talking, will make you tired. 

It is possible to get away with skipping class

If you have only lectures, you have an opportunity not to go. In lectures, there are so many people who are there just to listen to the professor ramble about random things you have to learn about. Usually, professors upload notes of their lectures, so you can study from those notes.

Parties get boring

Most freshmen are misled by the Instagram pictures. Bright lights in dark rooms just seem to be exciting on social media, but in reality, they are not so enjoyable. Frat basements are usually extremely dirty and full of drunk dancing students. Such parties will make you bored after the first visit.

College life is expensive

And I do not even mean tuition and living expenses. I am talking about how your everyday life will make all of your money disappear in a moment. Buying food and eating out, Uber, CVS, and so on. You will likely learn your debit card number by heart and will use the excuse “I really need it” for most purchases.

Dining hall food sucks

Even if it looks so yummy on the website, they are lying. They always try to make it attractive but they constantly fail. You will probably get bored of it by the end of the first week and will understand that you will not eat here the food you used to eat when you were at home. Keep numerous snacks in your room and make a list of go-to delivery restaurants, which will save you from starvation.

It goes by so fast

Your first week of college will probably feel like never-ending. However, before you even realize it, you will be done with the first trimester of college and will be going home for the fall break. You will feel like you just moved in and met your roommate a couple of days before, and will not believe you have completed the first set of midterms. Just remember that getting education in college is a blessing and enjoy it!