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The Only 4 College Admission Essay Writing Tips You Need to Know

As an admission officer, I can say that students often don’t understand what their essays should look like. In order to get all the myths busted, I offer you to read the only four college admission essay tips that you need to know to write a perfect essay.

The Only Four College Essay Writing Tips You'll Ever Need

  1. Get self-centered: Students are used to writing essays about someone else’s experience, activity, passions, or personality. However, it’s not the case here, and you need to shift your attention and look inward. It doesn’t mean that you should write about your favorite grandparent or athletic practice service. Better use these experiences and people in order to launch pads to talk about yourself. For instance, is your grandfather the reason why you play guitar so well or has your athletic experience made you a better team player? These areas of focus are much better than topics like sports or personality of your grandfather.
  2. It's details that matter: I think that when you’re writing an essay, you have two basic options – you can either go broad or go deep. For instance, if you’re writing about your friend’s hobby of visiting museums, you can write that you also like to visit museums and that the recent art course only solidified your interest in that. That would mean going broad. Another option is to write about the outstanding talent of Edward Hopper and how his minimalistic paintings influenced your mental and emotional condition. You can also write how Hopper influenced your storytelling. That would mean going deep. When writing an essay, you should aim to go deep rather than go broad, because going broad is a lot of words about nothing, while going deep shows real knowledge and attitude.
  3. Write how you speak: If people who surround you describe you as an uninhibited and outgoing person, then why do you submit an essay written in a boring formal tone? If you’re an introvert who is used to introspection and thoughtfulness, then why would you write a generic essay? Write how you speak. That will give an objective impression about your personality.
  4. Don’t show your essay to more than two people: Because if you do this and start listening to all the opinions of others, you may lose your own voice. Don’t hide behind sterile language, perfect grammar, and intention to write an essay that admission officer wants to read. I am an admission officer, and I want to read honest and interesting essays that come from students’ hearts instead of flat sterilized sequence of words. These types of essays are boring, misguided, and forced. They tell me nothing about you. Write something that will boggle my imagination and would make me want to talk to you.

Not only will these tips allow you to write a stellar college application, but they will also ease your writing process and represent your true self. And that’s what I would love reading!