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The Best Suggestions Regarding Developing a Writing Style

What Is the Best Way to Develop a Writing StyleYou may not even realize it but you have your own writing style. Frankly speaking, this might be compared to fashion: on some people it’s rather noticeable, while on others seems invisible. As a matter of fact, a writing style shows the way you communicate.

It’s worth mentioning that your writing style ought to be exclusively yours. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it has to be too confusing and puzzling. In fact, such writers like Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner as well as Virginia Wolf are considered to have personalized writing styles that it makes them very easy to spot even among a lot of other writers. Remember about getting your point across. In addition, stick to your writing style and don’t forget to polish your technique.

  • Identifying your writing style

 Can the way you deliver your thoughts be characterized as quirky, casual or formal? Do you have any words in your pieces of writing that repeat all the time? Do you usually prefer diverse punctuation, or short sentences?

What does mostly make your writing style so personal? To tell you the truth, these are those components that demonstrate your method of communicating points of view.

If you are the one who would like to improve your writing, make an attempt to take into consideration your writing habits. Try to notice what are your favorite words that are frequently used, whether you often go for semicolons, em dashes, etc.


  • Look through chapters, different articles and emails you’ve completed some time ago, taking notes with regard to recurring habits.
  • When you start writing something new, try to reread every single sentence and paragraph, so that you are able to find the tics.
  • If you have an opportunity to ask your friend or colleague for providing you with a few peculiarities of your writing style, do this.

As soon as you clarified what type of writing style you have, proceed with its improving.

  • Honing your writing style

In spite of the fact that a personal writing style is really good thing to have, bear in mind that it shouldn’t be too unique and difficult for comprehension. So, make sure it fits the norm.

Apart from that don’t forget that passive voice is not that strong and direct in comparison with active voice. Thus, opt for active voice which is much better choice.

  • Curbing your writing style

This process means that you ought to get rid of your bad habits. Basically, you are supposed to check your mistakes with regard to grammar as well as spelling.

  • Adapting your writing style

Despite the fact that people should wear on certain events in accordance with particular rules they still can express their own fashion style. In the same way, shifting your writing style regarding the situation would be highly appreciated.