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Steps for Writing a First Draft of an Essay

The first draft of an essay, which you are writing, is an important step towards achieving the desired result.

It will not only help you prepare for the future work, but will also indicate those parts that have to be improved. The article below will help you understand what is needed before starting and how to prepare a good draft.  

Writing a First Draft

The Main Steps of Draft Writing

  1. To understand what should a first draft of an essay contain, it is necessary to read the requirements provided by the professor carefully. It will help you clearly understand the task and prepare for further work. 
  2. Start from introductory part, which will tell a reader what the paper is going to be about.
  3. Based on the introduction, move on to the main body. Use the ideas presented in the introduction to elaborate on them and support them in your paper. Write down the key points.
  4. Proceed to the final part of your paper. Briefly summarize the main ideas of the paper.
  5. Read the whole draft once more to see if there are parts that require improvement. Check if there is some information that needs to be added or removed.

Here are the Main Do and Don’t of the Writing Process


  • Make you draft short. Remember that the longer your draft is, the longer your paper will be. 
  • Read the requirements of your assignment along with writing the draft. It will help you avoid missing some important parts. 
  • Set time limits for your draft completion. Do not forget that draft is only the first step towards your assignment completion. 
  • Avoid digging into details, as draft is a rough representation of your future paper. 


  • Do not concentrate on such things as grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. during your draft writing. It is unnecessary activity, which will cost you much time. 
  • Do not be lazy to write a draft. Many students consider it unnecessary and start working on the final version of the paper right away. Such attitude may result in the fact that you will become confused in the process of writing because you will not follow a clear structure and will be hesitating whether to add some new information you have managed to find or not. 
  • Do not postpone with your draft writing. 

Some students may find writing a draft of an essay a difficult task. As a result, they may do the task not as good as they expect. To avoid problems with completing this task, read about common mistakes in the writing process. 

  1. Many students try to make their draft look like a final paper. It makes them stop after each sentence, revising and correcting it. It is not what should be done. Draft is a backbone of the paper and it does not look perfect. 
  2. Paying attention to the details. The draft is about creating a short outline. If you are afraid to forget something important, make notes. 
  3. Students tend to ignore the importance of the draft. However, it can help you reach the  desired result.