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Standard Tips on How to Write a Research Paper

Before writing a research paper, you should be aware that this piece of academic writing is fairly longer than a simple essay and it requires thorough research of some outside sources.

How to Write a General Research PaperSo, when you get the assignment to submit a research paper, the process of preparing it is not only limited to writing, but also it has a pre-writing stage, which relates to searching and documenting proper sources, learning the basics of in-text citations and footnotes, etc. When you submit a research paper, you should make sure that the person reading it can easily find the used sources according to the bibliography provided by you.

Advice on How to Choose Topics for Research Papers

The most important thing when choosing a topic for a research paper is to ensure that you can find adequate and suitable sources for it. Besides, the topic should be known to you as you will face a great challenge researching something totally beyond your field of specialization. For example, if you are more interested in literature, philosophy, and art, it would not be a good idea to write a research dealing with Nuclear Physics or Microbiology. Of course, it is understandable that you want to pick an interesting topic that might even sound totally new for your colleagues or peers, but it will be really hard to write it as you will have no scientific basis for your paper.

Dos and Don’ts in Research Paper Writing


  • Write in academic style and use appropriate vocabulary;
  • Include methodology you used to support your research;
  • Use only credible and up-to-date scientific sources;
  • Properly cite any information you have taken from the outside sources.


  • Don’t include ideas that are unrelated to the topic just to make the paper look longer;
  • Don’t generalize and don’t make hasty conclusions;
  • Never include Wikipedia or similar sources in the reference list;
  • Don’t simply rewrite the ideas or information found in the sources you have found. 

Main Points to Take into Account:

  1. To efficiently manage your time, before going to the library, you can check on the availability of the sources from home. Many libraries have electronic records of the sources available. So, you can write out the materials you need and pre-order them.
  2. If you are conducting an experiment needed for the research on your own, please keep in mind that you might be biased as you are the person interested in the observation results.
  3. Make sure that you find an adequate number of sources to make your research well supported and justified. Besides, remember that you need to provide sufficient citations.
  4. One of the top priority aspects when you are writing a research paper is to ensure you have a clear idea of the subject and the topic in particular. Besides, you should ensure a smooth flow and clarity of thoughts. What is even more important, thoroughly work on your thesis as a strong and properly formulated thesis statement is a guarantee of a successful research paper.