Standalone Fantasy Books

Many fans of fantastic prose are looking forward to the continuation of their favorite books. However, some works do not need the appearance of subsequent volumes. Their plots are so full and vivid, and it is unlikely that the next parts will outshine the first book. Here is a list of the most famous science fiction novels that do not need a logical continuation.

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Golden Key

This book was written by three authors: Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Robertson and Keith Elliot. This story tells about one family. For many generations, people from the Grijalva family have been engaged in art. It turns out that it has a huge mystical influence on family members and everyone around them. The events of this novel are filled with the elements of fantasy and intrigue.


This work is a book in the historical style. It does not describe the real events; the city of Tigana is a mythical settlement that supposedly existed in antiquity. The author of the novel, Gaius Gabriel Kay demonstrates relevant topics in his work, such as political struggle, justice, patriotism and national consciousness. There are many fantasy elements in the book; for example, the key role in the novel is played by nymphs, who are called “riselkas” (according to the traditions of the Slavonic folklore).

Wheel of Infinity

Martha Wells also based her book on ancient mythology. The events, taking place in the "Wheel of Infinity," can be compared with the ancient myths. The main essence of the work lies in the salvation of humanity from perdition.


Robin McKinley created a very dark and terrible story. “Deerskin” tells about violence and its consequences. The actions of the book occur in one family. The eldest daughter discovers her supernatural power, which manifests more and more clearly as she grows up. The work is filled with mystical and magical elements. The younger daughter tries to help her family and resist the burden of the past.

Standalone Fantasy Novels

The Fox Woman 

Kij Johnson created an incredible, fantastic story. At first glance, the book "Woman Fox" reminds a children's fairy tale. However, the romantic and mystical element turns it into a real fantasy work. The main character of the book is engaged in the study of foxes; his wife does not share his hobbies and even fears these animals. The main character managed to find an understanding friend. Soon the affection will turn into romantic feelings. Only real love will make the fox turn into a woman.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

The English writer, Suzanne Clarke, wrote this book for those who are too old to read about Harry Potter. Her debut novel has now collected nearly all world awards in the  fantasy genre. It had been created for ten years, which is a blatantly old-fashioned approach in our age set to the flow of mass literature. However, everything is old-fashioned in this book. It is surprising how  the slowness of the narrative forces you to forget that in the world already there is metro, the Internet and aircraft construction. There is absurd attention to detail (to all the details: the historical and fantastic) in this book. In addition, the main thing is the language; the author dares to tell about the events of the early XIX century using the language of this period – the language of Dickens and Walter Scott. However, this arrogance is forgivable: Suzanne Clark is a born stylist. Probably, it is the sense of authenticity, which, like the spicy smell of an ancient folio, thoroughly permeates the book, and turns "Jonathan Strange …" into a brilliant session of magic. The imperturbable Lady Clarke inspires the reader not even with the fact that magic exists, but with the fact that it is as banal and natural as a cold that the reader will surely seize if he or she soaks his or her feet.

The Night Circus

This is a novel about magic, and it is really full of magic. The text is written in the present tense, excluding only the direct speech of the characters. It is divided into short chapters, each of which is rather a visual image, and the action is somewhere in the background. The constant change of the place of action, time and heroes gives dynamics as opposed to the narrative in the present tense, which is just slowing down.

The Last Unicorn

This poetic novel written by Peter Beagle consists entirely of allegories, magic, slowness, and mood. It is pensive, sometimes ironic, anxious, and optimistic. Moreover, there is such touching old-fashionedness on every page of this book, as if it was written in the time of the knights when the word "virtue" was still in use. 

The War of the Flowers

Theo Vilmos, the protagonist of the Tad Williams’ book, is a thirty-year-old soloist of a not very prosperous rock band. Once he had a huge, almost magical charisma, both on stage and outside it, but now his life is boring and monotonous. Having fallen into an unprecedented depression, he seeks refuge in an isolated hut in the forest – and reads strange memories written by a deceased relative who believed that he had been in the magical world of the Magic Realm. Before Theo has time to dismiss this story, as from the writings of a madman, he also finds himself in a place lying beyond his wildest dreams, in a country that will become his destiny.