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Simple Steps to Ace Your Essay

Like it or lump it, it’s not possible to avoid writing essays while being a student. For some people, however, this essential skill may come in handy if they decide to become professional writers or bloggers. In any case, it’s vital to understand the writing process to succeed in it.

Step #1: Choose the essay type

The first step in writing a good essay is to determine the genre of the essay you are asked to write and follow its structure. Your teacher or client would normally provide you with the requirements for the work. If not, try to infer this from the title and bear in mind that there are such major types of essays as expository, analytical, persuasive, and argumentative.

Step #2: Analyze the topic

This essential step will help you find relevant information and brainstorm new ideas. For example, your task is “to discuss three main reasons that caused food shortage in Africa and illustrate how it might influence the development of the continent.” Prior to writing, analyze it to find such clues as topic words (“food shortage”), direction words (“discuss” and “illustrate”), and focus words (“Africa” and “development”).

Step #3: Create an outline

This process will channel your research in the right direction. It is crucial to have a plan prior to writing. Returning to the above-mentioned example of food shortage, you might create the plan in the following way:

  • Introduction.
  • General reasons for food shortage.
  • Factors that exacerbate the issue in Africa.
  • Major implications for the future development of the continent.
  • Conclusion.

Step #4: Research the topic

Browse the Internet to find information according to the essay outline. Opt for books, scientific journals, articles, and other reliable sources instead of blogs or Wikipedia articles. Don’t forget, however, to cite everything properly to avoid plagiarism. You may also search for some interesting quotes of famous people to support your ideas.

Step #5: Begin to write

Although it may seem counterintuitive to start writing only at this stage, but till this time, you will have everything necessary to produce a high-quality work. Here are some tips how to proceed with the essay:

  • Express your thoughts without worrying about mistakes.
  • Organize your essay in a logical manner.
  • Delete irrelevant examples and repetitive structures.
  • Reread the essay several times.
  • Include the references.
  • Check the word count.

Step #6: Proofread and submit

Check your essay for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes and format it correctly. It’s highly recommended not to edit the essay shortly after you finished writing it. To be objective, wait a couple of hours before editing and submitting your essay.

All in all, writing your essay won’t be drudgery if you follow these six basic steps. So, choose the right type of essay, analyze its topic, create an outline, research the topic, start with your writing, and proofread it before submission.