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Paper Writing Mistakes Every Student Must Avoid

How Not To Write A College Paper

It is completely natural for students to make mistakes while writing a paper. After all, you wouldn’t need a college if you could do everything perfectly. However, there are certain mistakes which make professors furious and which you should avoid by all means.

Ignoring the Rubric Section

This is an extremely common mistake and quite a silly one, to be honest.  The rubric section contains the guidelines you should always follow. Basically, it helps you understand what exactly you should do and what your professor is expecting from you. However, for some reason, too many students choose to simply skip that section and write their paper the way they believe to be right. As a result, they get disappointingly and surprisingly (for them) low grades. That is why you should always pay attention to the requirements and follow them strictly.

Using Unreliable Sources

Nowadays, the Internet provides students with an easy access to a huge amount of information which they can use for their paper. However, using the Internet sources can be not only convenient but also extremely risky. You have to make sure that the statistics or research findings which you would like to make reference to in your piece of writing are valid and trustworthy. Of course, it can be very tempting to borrow information from such resources as Wikipedia, but it can discredit your academic paper in the eyes of your professor.

Using Improper Formatting

Using the wrong formatting in your research paper is considered to be a very serious mistake and it can cost you a bad grade. In order to avoid such an unpleasant situation, find out everything about the requirements to formatting they have in your college. Keep it in mind that different colleges can have different rules on citations, references, and so on. Once you’ve written a paper with a perfect formatting, you have a template for all your future college papers.

Drawing Attention to Your Persona

Keep it in mind that your academic paper has nothing to do with your personal opinion, personal reflections, and attitude toward certain issues. That is why you should leave the words “I” and “me” for creative writing. Using the I-statements in your piece of writing will make your professor question your ability to write serious academic works.

Using Unnecessary Information to Reach a Minimum Word Count

 Often, students have problems achieving the required amount of words. What is more, many of them see the solution to this problem in filling their paper with irrelevant information or changing sentence structure in such a way that sentences would contain more words. Make no mistake, your professor will realize it after reading one paragraph of your paper. And they won’t be impressed with your writing. Instead of inserting useless information, spend some time looking for something which adds value to your work.

All in all, steer clear of these mistakes if you don’t want all your writing efforts to go in vain.