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Modern Guide To Thesis Writing

Online Survival Tools For PhD Thesis Writing

Writing a Ph.D. thesis is a really comprehensive and responsible task. You have been preparing for it for several years and you do not have any chance to fail. In order to help you make a better thesis, you should rely purely on yourself – there are a lot of helpful online tools that will ease your writing unbelievably.

Using Modern Technologies to Progress in Thesis Writing


This online tool is really easy to use as all you have to do is copy your thesis text and paste it in the checking area. It will calculate the number of letters, words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs – everything that you need to know to control your process of writing.


It is required to have decent grammar skills in order not to fail your thesis with simple mistakes. This site will show you a few hints about grammar notions as well as citation styles. Reference list is significant as well, that is why you should pay some attention to dealing with punctuation and learn the right way to make up the citations.


That is an interesting point that is worth discussing as it offers the services that let you put the responsibility for writing on someone else. If you understand that it is difficult for you to complete the entire workload, there is nothing bad in asking some help in experts.


Check the accessibility of your writing with this online tool. Sometimes your thoughts are amazing, but it may happen that your style of writing can confuse others. That means that they will understand nothing from your thesis. With the help of this application, you will analyze how readable your thesis is.


Sometimes looking for sources to use in your writing takes too much time, so here comes the service with the help of which you simply enter your search request and get dozens of related articles, essays, books, magazines, and other materials. Moreover, they are all verified as legal in the academic writing.


Spell mistakes are so unnecessary in a thesis that it is not serious to hand in the final version without a solid proofread. This tool defines your spelling mistakes, grammar uncertainties, and contextual misunderstandings. Comparing to other applications, this one can find such mistakes that are even hardly visible for an experienced professor.


Here is another proofreading tool to check if everything is alright with your writing. Convenient interface and accessible functions make this application stand out of the crowd.


The process of mind mapping not only boosts your thesis statements but also give you additional experience for the future projects. However, it is not quite convenient to visualize it on a paper. With this handy tool, all your pen efforts will be transferred here.


Nowhere else will you be able to find such good proofreaders in the country as this team. Let your draft be checked by professionals so that nothing could prevent you from receiving an excellent mark.