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Life Hacks for Students in Melbourne

Life of a student is full of interesting events since it is the best period of life for every person. If you are lucky to become a student of one of the colleges or universities of Melbourne, you have the opportunity to visit unique places there. A new city is a mass of unfamiliar things. Here are some tips to help you adapt to Melbourne.

Life Hacks for Students in Melbourne

How to Adapt to Melbourne

  • Find Accommodation

Housing in this city is quite expensive, so you need to solve this issue in advance. It is best to rent a modest apartment with a comrade. If you have come here not alone, this will not be a problem for you. If you do not have friends in Melbourne, look for information about potential roommates on the Internet.

  • Food

Speaking about the students’ nutrition, it is difficult to call it very diverse. Often students have a small budget and try to eat at home or in the inexpensive cafe. Melbourne Dining Hall is a great place where you can enjoy delicious pizza for only $ 10. In addition, there is a free Wi-Fi, so you can not only have lunch but also work in this place.

  • Weather

The weather in Melbourne is quite unpredictable, so you need to stock up on warm clothes. It often rains in the cold season, so be sure to have reliable and warm shoes.

  • Transport

The most common form of transportation in this city is a tram; you can reach any destination using it.

  • Places worth Visiting in Melbourne

Not only the sights make Melbourne so amazing. It is a truly vibrant city filled with cultural values and so much creativity that many Australian trends originated from here. Whatever you are interested in: architecture, history, music, cinema, entertainment, sports, or shops – the capital of the state of Victoria will be able to offer you more than enough to occupy you for the whole day. Here are just a few amazing places that are worth visiting in Melbourne.

  • Theme Park

One of Australia's oldest theme parks is undoubtedly one of the first places to go. It is over a hundred years old and is located on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in the historic outskirts of St. Kilda (about 6 kilometers from the city center). Although you can find an incredible variety of attractions and other interesting activities in the park, the roller coaster remains the most important and interesting attraction that cannot be missed. They say that this is the oldest unstoppable roller coaster in the world. However, do not be afraid of the age of the park. Many attractions and entertainment are completely new.

  • St. Kilda Beach

Undoubtedly, the beach of St. Kilda is one of the most popular places in Melbourne, where millions of tourists flock every year. Getting on the beach, it is easy to understand why it is so trendy: sand, waves, cafes, fine restaurants, and shops will entertain everyone. The beach of St. Kilda is also good for those, who are interested in water sports, such as kitesurfing, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding. There are numerous sports schools and companies renting equipment along the whole coast.

  • The Market

The Queen Victoria market is the largest open market in the southern hemisphere located right in the center of Melbourne. If you want to wander through the ranks of this huge flea market, you are sure to be impressed by the widest range of products offered, including fresh agricultural products, clothing, jewelry, leather products, and of course, a surprisingly large selection of Australian souvenirs.

  • The Tower

It is difficult to miss the Eureka Tower walking on the streets of Melbourne, as it rises almost 300 meters above the central business district being the tallest building in the city. More importantly, here is the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere, Eureka Skydeck 88 (88th floor), from which you can enjoy the view of Melbourne from a bird's eye view. However, this attraction is not for the faint-hearted people, because there is also a glass floor on the observation platform.

  • The Square

The Federation Square is a cultural oasis located right in the middle of the noisy central business district of Melbourne. Here are the Australian Art Museum, futuristic buildings, shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as exhibition space. All these facilities, together with the fact that more than 2000 events that take place on the square every year, put the Federation Square on a par with the most popular attractions of Melbourne. To estimate the scale of the offered services of the square, you can book an excursion on it.

  • National Gallery

A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria will be a fantastic pastime for students. Here are about 68 thousand exhibits from around the world. The gallery truly has something to get your attention. There is even a variety of classes and sections for aspiring artists who will try themselves in a variety of artistic styles.

  • The G

Australians do not like anything as much as sports; this fact is even more evident when visiting sports venues such as Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG, an epicenter not only for cricket but also for the Australian Football League. Since MCG holds more than 90 days a year in cricket and football competitions, you have every chance to see the arena.