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Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Academic essay writing is easy to master when you know the basics. In a nutshell, the academic essay provides a solid thesis and enough evidence to reinforce it. Remembering these 5 basic tips will allow you to produce high quality academic essays and get excellent grades for them.

  1. Create an outline

You should know what you will write about before you even start writing. The easiest way to do this is to create a basic outline. The standard structure of the essay includes the following parts: the introduction that includes thesis, the body of paper including evidence that supports the thesis and conclusion that connects all parts together and once again proves the thesis.

  1. Get better in style, punctuation and grammar

Style, punctuation, and grammar are very important if you want your paper to be taken seriously. An academic essay should be excellent in all aspects: structure, style, wording, message, grammar, and punctuation, so you should be equally considerate about every element. Before you start working on an academic essay make sure that you understand the basics of grammar including sentence structures, articles, prepositions, subject agreement and pronoun usage. Avoid using the passive voice, and use active voice instead. Always make sure that you’re being accurate and concise in what you’re saying.

  1. Broaden your vocabulary and know how to use it right

Knowing a lot of words is important, but understanding how to use them correctly is equally important. When you’re working on the essay you should never forget that you’re trying to persuade your readers that you’re an expert in the researched sphere. If you use big or rare words just to sound intelligent, while usage of these words is totally inappropriate all your efforts to impress your readers will have an opposite effect.

  1. Remember about the argument and choose proper evidence

While writing an academic essay it is crucial to always have your main argument in mind. Naturally the desire to go a little bit off-topic may arise, but you shouldn’t follow it and you need to keep focused on uncovering your thesis. In the body of work, you will have 3-5 paragraphs and each of them should include strong evidence that supports your thesis. Check your evidence by asking “is that piece of evidence really good in terms of supporting my thesis?” If you can’t answer positively, then search for better pieces of evidence.

  1. Write a conclusion that supports your thesis and evidence

For some reason, a lot of people overlook the importance of conclusion. There are actually no reasons to have such an attitude in regards to the conclusion because it’s the part that binds your research together and adds solidity to it. There were a lot of great essays which were destroyed by a vague conclusion. Don’t let your next essay become one of these.

Following these 5 tips, you’re bound to write great essays!