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How to Write Essays That Will Impress Your Professors

How to Write College Papers That Will Dazzle Your Professors

Writing an essay, research paper, or any other piece of a written task is a challenge for the majority of students, but if you are aware of several rules, crafting a well-written essay won't be much a problem. However, we want to warn you that you need to work hard first, otherwise these tips won't work.

Tips for Writing a High Grade Essay

  • Brainstorm

Before you start writing, load off your thoughts and ideas on a sheet of paper. Write up everything that comes to your mind without stopping. Then, leave it for a while, so that you can come to this piece of paper in a week, for instance, and cross all the nonsense to leave brilliant ideas only. Also, we can suggest you freewriting using the same method, but you should start your essay right away. You may use lists or word maps, if you like; the main purpose is to generate as many ideas as possible.

  • Make A Profound Study

You will never write a good essay until you know your topic well. Blah-blah about nothing does not work long, so it is better to surf the web or some relevant books/journal articles to get as many insights in the subject you are writing about as it is possible. It is preferable that you find different and even opposite points of view on the same topic.

  • Follow A Distinct Structure

Whatever the length of your paper is, always remember that it has to include at least introduction, main body and conclusion. The main body must contain arguments and their refutations, examples, and explanation, if necessary. Conclusion should sum up what you were discussing in the main body and suggest some idea or call to a specific action.

  • Don't Forget About A Thesis Statement

It is not just a silly requirement demanded by scrupulous professors; it is the very core of your essay. If you do not have a thesis statement, you probably do not know what exactly you want to say. A thesis statement should be narrow and specific, and it usually appears in the last sentence of the first paragraph of introduction.

  • Introduction Comes Last

It is so because it is easier to introduce your work when you already have it. You may find yourself changing your mind about the ideas you wanted to discuss, so when you write your introduction last, you will match it to the entire essay.