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How to Improve Your Writing Skills

How To Improve Your Writing Skills

People often wonder how to improve their writing. It’s not the kind of skills that you only need to practice more to get better at. Having good writing skills requires more diverse efforts on behalf of the person. Here are top 5 ways to improve your writing skills – easy and effective ideas that anyone can use.  

  1. Read a lot. Many writers know that they have to read a lot, but the main mistake they make is that they read the same type of reading. In order to become a better writer, you should add more diversity in what you read. Expose yourself to new subjects, writing styles, and writing techniques to get new inspiration. For instance, journalism is good to understand how to get to the point, while lyrical poetry can make you understand how to convey emotions. Read something short, which is out of your comfort zone at least once per day, and you will notice that your own content gets more sophisticated.  
  2. Read some writing manuals. Reading writing-related books will also help in enhancing your writing abilities greatly. Here are a couple of books that you should definitely focus on in the nearest future:
  • E.B. White and William Strunk Jr. – “The Elements of Style”. You need to read this book no matter what you’re writing. 
  • Kate Kiefer Lee and Nicole Stenton – “Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose”. This book will be especially useful for you in case you need to get better at web writing.  
  • Stephen King – “On Writing”. Want to get good advice from one of the most accomplished writers of our times? Grab this book!  
  1. Attend writer’s meetup. You need opinions of other people about your writing, because you can’t form an objective opinion about it yourself. Receiving feedback from other people is necessary and receiving feedback from other people who also write is pure gold. Going to writer’s meetup is an excellent opportunity to get this priceless feedback. Best thing about attending such meetings is that most probably you will get some new ideas and suggestions on how to improve your writing. You can also attend a virtual writers’ community like Inked Voices or Scribophile.
  2. Take an online course. Another route that you can take is to attend an online course. Actually it’s a great way to learn best practices and get forthright explanations of what you need to know. Good options are English Composition course at Arizona State University (8-week program), more than 20 courses on creative writing in Stanford (they can last up to 10 weeks and can cost you up to $1,000). If you’re looking for budget opportunities, visit Mediabistro and choose from the variety of writing courses on different topics.
  3. Work on a schedule. Writing is actually like working out. When you’re just starting, it feels like the most difficult thing in the world, but the more you practice the easier it gets and one day it feels like a very natural thing. Create a writing schedule and stick to it. Work during the periods of the day when you get the most inspiration.

Follow these 5 tips and your writing skills will surely get better.