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How to improve your writing skills

How to improve your writing skills

In the gadget world, the need of writing is vital for us. A short message to your friend, a business letter or an essay with strict instructions, whatever type of writing it is, you aspire to make it impeccable and wonder where to seek inspiration. A purpose of bringing our work closer to the perfection takes lots of time. But the best choice to stop procrastinate and upgrade writing is to apply useful strategies, which help to reveal your finest abilities. Get ingenious ideas for your effective writing from these helpful tips.

  • Tell a story

Begin with a short introduction, write a story from life, which relates to the thought you want to convey. It will affect your reader’s emotions, so you will have a contact with the audience and illustrate your opinion.

  • Ask a question

Start with asking, it will emphasize your thoughts. Don’t give answers, just add your suggestions on the topic.

  • Use different kinds of narrative

To focus on the influence of writing on a reader, write from the second person. It creates the feeling of presence in your story. You can also use third person narrative; here the attention is paid to the action outside of the room. Write from the first person for the audience that knows you. If you use all types of narrative correctly, you can easily play with the impressions of the readers.

  • Move and talk your ideas aloud

Don’t expect fresh ideas to come while you sit in one place and think your deadline is close. The technique of speaking your ideas aloud and recording them on a telephone or a dictaphone during a walk is very helpful and unusual.

  • Start with a finish

Think about the result and write it down. When the goal is visible, thoughts about its reaching appear immediately.

  • Describe things, which seem usual for you

Write about something that is obvious for you. There is no person with the same experience you have, so what is evident for you may be ingenious to others.

  • Write in your special way and use less of clichés

Describe the scene in all possible details by telling where the action is taking place, what are people doing and so on. Try to avoid clichés as you won’t surprise anyone with them.

  • Re-read the essay and cross out the first and final passages

Try to shorten the essay by deleting superfluous things, leave only the most useful and necessary information. Thus, your writing will be more attractive.

  • Emulate your favorite writers

Learn to write effectively from your own idols. Save the passages you like the most and find what is common in them. Apply those criterions to your works.

  • Share examples

Point to original thoughts of other people; your finding will bring you the desirable result.

All things considered, to make your writing more fascinating, you should practice a lot using these little tricks, but it is worth it, as in the process you generate new ideas and develop your intellection.