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How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Some people find writing academic essays really challenging while others genuinely enjoy it. Whatever category you fall into, there are no limits for personal growth, and any skill can be honed to perfection. Here are five useful tips that will help you to improve the quality of your essays and make this experience enjoyable.

How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills1. Read other essays

We’re certain that being a student, you know the clear distinction between plagiarizing and getting inspiration from works of others. Reading other people’s essays can be beneficial for two reasons. First of all, you can pick up some useful constructions and phrases to incorporate in your work. Secondly, if you read critically, you can notice the flaws that many essays have and will be able to avoid them yourself.

2. Use advanced vocabulary

Your only weapon in an essay is the way you use words, so do it properly. Don’t neglect dictionaries and thesauri because sometimes it’s hard to remember that exact word that fits perfectly to describe your thoughts. Try to say a lot by using as little words as possible. This skill obviously doesn’t come naturally to anyone, so your additional goal should be to expand your vocabulary and learn new exquisite words to use instead of the common ones.

3. Learn synonyms

Similarly to the previous advice, try to use synonyms instead of repeating the same words. For instance, the word “also” tends to slip into many sentences where, however, it can be easily substituted by “moreover”, “in addition” or “furthermore”. Using different words even when you have to describe the same concept helps to build a structure of an essay and creates natural flow.

4. The elevator pitch technique

Coming from the sphere of trade, the elevator pitch technique can help you to find out how efficient you are in supporting your arguments. While entering the elevator, think of the subject of your essay and try to persuade an imaginary interlocutor that your point of view is the right one in time it takes you to get to the right floor. It will teach you to focus only on the most important ideas, and you should use that while writing the essay.

5. Use different syntactic structures

While your essay ought to be easily understandable for the readers, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply different techniques of building sentences. Try to move the subject around, start sentences with an attributive or use inversion – the possibilities of the English language are unlimited, so take advantage of them. Just be sure that these alterations are actually acceptable in English grammar.

We hope these tips have shed some new light on the process of writing academic essays. Good luck in this challenging, but enlightening endeavor!