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How to Choose a Topic for an Essay: Coping with Frustration

The elder we get, the less time we have for preparing our home assignments. Some students feel especially unsatisfied when they receive a writing task, whereas other students can’t wait to express their thoughts on paper. Regardless your attitude to writing assignments, there is no escape from accomplishing your homework.

The only way to simplify your ordeal is to know how to choose an interesting topic, so you can convert an unpleasant task Choosing an Essayinto, at least, informative.

What Steps Should Be Taken

  1. First of all, concentrate your attention on something that you are keen on. There is always a lucrative result when you devote some time to investigating the topic you are interested in.
  2. As soon as you have chosen the topic, the next step will consist of its discretion into main parts, which are necessary to mention in your writing. Try to limit the theme of your essay in order to make your paper consistent, exposing the key points. Broad topic will cause entanglements while explaining or proving ideas, depending on the type of your writing.
  3. After you’ve figured out what topic you are going to reveal, check whether there are enough materials for its thorough examination and further possibility to base yourself upon trustworthy facts. It is vital to have different sources of information, so you can express your agreement or disagreement, show advantages and disadvantages or simply familiarize the reader with various approaches to a certain issue.

Key Points to Remember

  1. If your instructor didn’t provide you with the topic for your essay, look on the bright side as you have an opportunity to choose something that really intrigues you. However, keep in mind that it is better to write about something of which you already have the background knowledge. It would be much easier to gather facts and make judgments if you have a certain clue concerning the issue.
  2. Don’t be skeptical about choosing the topic, on which you have already written a paper. On the contrary, use it to broaden the essay with new facts, investigate the questions you haven’t mentioned yet, or expose the issue from a completely different side. 
  3. One more point to remember is never to be afraid of turning for help to somebody who is more competent. Whether it is your parent, friend or instructor, don’t be ashamed to ask for guidance. Sometimes your mind needs a push after which it will mobilize all its forces and start the working process. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • The topic you’ve decided to write about shouldn’t be too extravagant or too unique, so that nobody has heard about it.
  • Essay writing task is always difficult. As soon as you’ve started to do a research on a certain theme, don’t try to alter the topic because of its complexity. You will only waste your time as all the topics are in need of scrutiny.
  • The common students’ mistake is missing the step, which involves narrowing the topic. In case you don’t specify it, you are in danger of being overloaded with information.
  • Don’t try to seem the all-know and never overlook the power of the simplicity. Too clever topics may not correspond to your overall knowledge.