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How to Become a Successful Blog Writer

Blog-Writing-GuideBeing a blogger is a very popular thing nowadays. For some people, it’s just a hobby, while others manage to make money by writing blog posts. Indeed, this activity can help you both to express yourself and earn income. No matter what their reasons for writing are, all bloggers want the same thing: massive readership. To make people want to read your blog, you have to write really good articles. The following tips for blog writers will help you do that.

  1. Record yourself

If you find it much easier to speak about a certain topic that to write about it, try to record your speaking. Then, you can either transcript it yourself or use one of the transcription tools available online. Of course, such a transcript is not an article ready to be posted. Spend some time refining it and you will have exactly what you need.

  1. Write in short sentences

Try to avoid using too complicated sentence structures. You don’t want to make reading your blog a challenging experience for your readers, right? If it’s possible to cut one long sentence in two shorter ones, do it without hesitation.

  1. Be personal but not too much

In order to bond with your readership add some personal elements to your article. Tell them some small facts, some interesting things about you if they are relevant to the overall topic of your piece of writing. When they feel like they’ve grown familiar with you, they are interested in reading more of your works. However, don’t make your personality your main topic. It’s highly unlikely that it will help you gain popularity.

  1. Don’t overload readers

Sure, writing itself can be a very enjoyable process. However, remember that you are doing it not just for yourself but for other people too. Don’t get carried away and avoid including some pieces of information if their relevance is questionable. Reading unnecessary paragraphs is boring. Never make your readers bored unless you want to lose them.

  1. Follow example of experienced writers

Read articles by popular bloggers and analyze their writing. Having understood their writing strategy, you might borrow it for your own articles. However, don’t try to imitate them completely. Just use some general writing cues, but make it original. Remember, no one wants a copy.

  1. Change your environment

If you’re lacking inspiration, try working in a different setting. It can be a different room, your balcony or garden. Also, you can visit a coffee shop or go to a local co-working space. That might give you some new feelings and impressions which will increase your creativity.

We hope these pieces of advice will help you to become the blog writer you aspire to be. Good luck!