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How To Become A Better Writer: 9 Unconventional Tips

The gift of language is often underestimated. People usually neglect the sublime vocabulary of the English language, predominantly using only certain clichés.

How To Become A Better Writer On the contrary, a good writer should enlighten people’s minds, eloquently portraying the quintessential elements of life. Would you like to become such a writer? Read the tips below.

  1. Become a Bookworm

Your brain must be exceptionally prodigious to create masterpieces without previous experience of meticulous reading. Anyway, it’s almost impossible. How can you learn new beautiful words and logical sentence structures, not immersing in eloquent and insightful literature? Sole contemplation of meaningful and emphatic things may fill your heart with the images you won’t be able to express. If you want to be a writer, become an avid reader. It’s also advisable to delve into poetry, essays, or short stories an hour before you start writing your work. The inspiration will guide your imagination.

  1. Take Risks

Sometimes, writing rules seem to be too strict. When your knowledge becomes professional, you have the right to transcend some boundaries. Take risks especially when creating plotlines: make idealistic beginnings, fill the middle of your story with anticlimax and then startle your readers with twisted and extraordinary endings. Pay attention to the last sentence: it should be jaw-dropping!

  1. Be Frank

If you frankly describe the situations people avoid talking about, you will attract the audience that likes reading about the inner secrets. Even if you don’t describe someone specifically, many readers will feel that you write about their problems. The honesty of your writing may have a great therapeutic effect.

  1. Create an Intriguing Title

Though your whole work may be fantastic, a dull title can ruin it all. You should consider the specifics of our hyper-information age: people tend to perceive things in haste. Your task is to create a title that will make them slow down to read your oeuvre.

  1. Evoke Sadness in Your Readers

There’s one curious paradox: being in a constant pursuit of happiness, people like being sad, especially when immersing in the fictional dimensions. For instance, depict some unforgettable but vanished childhood moments of your generation or create a perfect love story that will turn out to be a dream of the loneliest person in the world – your readers will be crying for hours.

  1. Make People Laugh

While sadness is beautiful, it’s good to change your writing mood. Play with a range of emotions and don’t forget to be funny. It’s the vivid sign of success when your creations make readers laugh.

  1. Write Poetic Posts

A writer doesn’t have a vacation, remember! Experiment with words and exercise fresh ideas when tweeting or posting something on Facebook. Once you get used to it, even your random thoughts will be poetic.

  1. Nurture Your Creativity

One art inspires another. The development of other creative skills, such as painting, playing music and dancing, will impressively contribute to your writing progress.

  1. Find Your Inner Einstein

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time is an illusion. This idea is convenient for writers, which means you don’t have to follow a chronological order when creating your story. Imagine that your work is gradually becoming an unusual universe where time can be easily reversed. However, before you start playing with the present, past and future, learn some literary techniques and structures not to end up writing nonsense.

Writing is a sacred ritual that awakens wonderful ideas and possibilities that are dormant without practice.