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Guideline to Writing a Perfect College Admission Essay

In the life of many high school graduates, there is a moment when they need to prepare for writing a college admission essay.

You have already written many papers for your classes, but this type of assignment is new. In addition, you feel anxious about writing the admission essay because your future academic career depends on your success. We understand the significance of the college admission essay in your life and want to share some useful tips on how to write it flawlessly. 

Top 6 Tips for College Admissions Essays

1. Understand the psychology of admission committee
Once you submit your application for the college of your dream, it gets into the hands of a group of admission officers who will decide on your fate. How can you influence their decision? In order to impress the admission committee, you should understand clearly which applicants they favor.

Most often, admission officers are looking for students who will:

  • Manage the workload successfully and succeed academically;
  • Cooperate with other students and help them to achieve progress in studying;
  • Bring prestige and honor to the institution after graduation.

Thus, your admission essay should be persuasive enough to convince the admission officers that you are the right candidate to be approved.

2. Decide on the goals of your essay
Think of the impression you want to make on the admission board. How do you want them to evaluate your achievements and personality? For instance, if you want to have the image of dependable, responsible, and academically ambitious student, prove these qualities with corresponding examples in your essay. You may also want to impress the committee with your personal traits. So, think of describing your experience of the first job, membership in a club or organization, a situation where you demonstrated leadership, teamwork, etc.

3. Identify yourself among the other applicants
If you are an international student, you are automatically different from all the US applicants. However, it is important to refer to the uniqueness of your home culture in your essay. If you do not have an international background, refer to the qualities that make you a complete personality. 

4. Contribute to the college
International applicants may contribute to the institution by offering other students the opportunity for cultural diversity. Native applicants should refer to a unique contribution they may make, for example, participating in athletic team or student organization, writing college blog, taking part in collaborative work, etc.

5. Answer the essay question thoughtfully
Until you start to write, you will have many ideas into your head, but do not let them confuse you. Make sure you understand the admission essay prompt and answer it effectively. In addition, follow all the directions of the assignment.

We are confident that these tips will help you to write a creative essay that will distinguish you among other applicants. Good luck!