Friendship Essay Writing

If you have been assigned the task of friendship essay writing, you are a lucky person. It is always a pleasure to complete essays on such valuable themes. Friendship is one of the most exciting themes you may come across, as writing about friends and your relationships always inspires you to call friends and meet with them. Being connected to people is always a pleasure.

Writing a friendship essay may not only remind you about your friends and warm feelings you experience with them. This is an opportunity to develop your writing skills, as any essay has specific requirements one needs to follow, and when trying to reach excellence in essay writing you constantly improve your skills and abilities.

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Writing Guide on Friendship Essay Writing

Working on your friendship essay, you need to follow several steps which may help you reach perfection in essay writing. Essay writing skills are numerous, and you need to follow most of them to ensure that your papers are of top quality. Here is a list of the steps you need to follow to write a top-quality friendship essay.

  • Choose a topic

Choose a topic you want to discuss. Friendship is a too broad theme and may not be used as a topic of your essay. Think about something narrower, mention the details, and try to write about something specific. Check the following pieces of advice in topic choice:

  1. Ensure the type of the paper corresponds to the selected topic
  2. Check whether you have enough information for writing an essay of the required quality. One of the major mistakes students make is they choose a topic that is too narrow, and as a result, they cannot find enough data to write about. Thus, they repeat the same ideas and fail an essay as a result.
  • Find evidence

You need to conduct research and find the relevant information to support and justify your statements. Even if you are ready to write a friendship essay yourself offering all the facts to the reader, you need to find evidence in the outside sources. Cite the information to make your paper academic and interesting to read.

  • Outline your essay

Develop an outline to ensure that you cover all the ideas you wanted. Missing some points or writing too much on one particular issue is not a good idea. Follow the structure mentioned below:

Introduction: This is the first paragraph in your writing. Make sure that it introduces the theme to a reader and has a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs: The number of body paragraphs may vary depending on the length of the essay. Just ensure that you have explained all the points you have mentioned in the thesis statement in your main body.

Conclusion: This is the summary of what you have written. Just repeat your major idea in a concise way.

  • Proofread

Having written an essay, you need to proofread it. Do not omit this stage.

Great Friendship Essay Examples

If you have never written a friendship essay before, you may want to check an example. We are ready to offer you a friendship essay.

Friendship Can Be Found in Unexpected Places

The friends of mine are all extremely different. When together, they represent certain parts of my soul and life moments. With someone I tried to make friendship whereas others just left by my side quietly transforming from strangers into closer and intimate friends. One true statement, however, unites them all: friendship can definitely be found in any place.

Friendship can definitely not be planned. It occurs unexpectedly just as other precious things in human life; just as love. Sometimes it starts to develop immediately after first sight whereas in other cases it takes time to grow. It happens between totally different people with the various cultural backgrounds and even cultures. In some cases it occurs at work, gym, jungles or airplane. Frequently, friendship is born when people come through some shared experience, especially a dramatic or harsh one. Friendship might also arise between the rivals, though it is hard to imagine. Yet, one still can if one presumes that friendship creates certain kind of interdependence on each other. Still, the mechanism of its occurring cannot be traced by human beings. The networking skills that are nowadays trained at various MBA programs definitely destroy the natural sparkles of friendship that should occur between the people. Instead, it creates friendship out of comfort or mutual convenience. As Morrison & Nolan (n.d.) assert that ‚in many ways business organizations create the ideal environment in which to make friends. Simply put, these are places where people who have a lot in common are put in close proximity to one another‘. Most probably such friendship will not last long and fade as soon as the personal interests will disappear.

The greatest friendship I managed to made so far occurred to me at the university where I took another course in management. We did not notice one another at first. However, a little bit latter we chatted and found other that we actually had a lot in common. Sometimes we were so similar that we said that we were synchronized in certain way as we said same phrases simultaneously. All of that happened totally unexpectedly despite the age differences that existed between us and which as I believe influence the person significantly. However, we successfully managed to bridge that gap and find common language and deep mutual understanding. When one grows older it is truly hard to make new friendships since we all become a little bit satisfied and calmed by our small circle of friends. We pass the hardest steps and, thus, we no longer require additional support and mutual reliance. At the same time, I believe that friendship encountered at older age is more conscious and deeper one. You share the best and worse moments and features totally accepting one another since we have already known that no one is born perfect. But still, we choose the benefits of the person over its personal flaws and deficiencies. Modern technologies also contribute greatly to the developing of the friendship. O’Donnell (2016) asserts that ‚Internet resolves many of the old challenges associated with physical proximity and since many young children now use technology as a pastime, the likelihood of encountering a peer with similar interests online is relatively high‘.

Friendship has no planned route or trajectory. It occurs regardless of one’s plans or intentions. Sometimes people try to make artificial connections with others, especially at networking events. Yet, such relations cease after the mutual goal is completed. Instead, true friendship rises on various grounds including similarity of drastic differences, the hate or love, dramatic situations and others. It grows and develops taking new forms.

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