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Fiction Writing Tips for Novelists

In fiction writing, there are myriads of details the writers have to keep in mind to be sure that they are creating a viable piece of writing.

Fiction Writing Tips for NovelistsThere are also countless sources that provide these details to writers. For some, it seems impossible to gather them all. We’ve decided to make this task easier for you. Below you can find a list of tips gathered from multiple sources for the fiction novel writers' benefit!

Best Fiction Writing Tips

  1. Don’t limit yourself to a single genre either in writing or reading. Take a step out of it once in a while and expand your horizons. 
  2. Analyze all the stories you read and watch. Dissect them to check how viable they are.
  3. Pay attention to all the real life stories happening around you. Use their elements in your writing or find inspiration in them. Take a closer look at your friends, relatives and colleagues. What qualities do they have? Maybe, one of them can become the character of your novel? 
  4. Add details to your characters to make them more real. It can be any interesting details of their habits or appearances. 
  5. Don’t make your characters only good or only bad. Even the protagonist may have a dark spot in the past and the antagonist may have a humane trait. Thus, you can make them more relatable and real.
  6. Don’t tell too much your reader about the characters. Better show their traits through their words and actions. 
  7. However, cruel it may sound, you should make your characters suffer and overcome the obstacles. This way, when they triumph in the end, the victory will be much brighter and more rewarding. 
  8. Your characters should be consistent in what they think, say and do. See that they don’t commit the acts or tell the things such kind of person would never do or tell in real life. 
  9. Make the pacing in your novel smooth and steady. Don’t give several pages to describing the scenery and then suddenly jump to fierce action. In the meantime, make sure that your novel is surprising and unpredictable. It’ll grab the reader’s attention.
  10. Add subplots to your main plot. It’ll enrich your writing. But don’t add too many – the main plot should remain the main plot!
  11. Don’t be afraid to mix different genres. Add a bit of romance to a thriller, or fun moments to a tragedy.
  12. Research the setting of your novel, or better visit it by yourself to see it with your own eyes and better describe it. 
  13. Revise. At least three times. 
  14. Collect all the writing tips you find and write them into your notebook. When you experience any problems, looking them through may help you find a solution. 
  15. Have fun. Experiment. Enjoy writing. That’s really important.