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Every Writer Should Use These Writing Tools


In the world of hundreds of written pages, short deadlines and procrastination, every writer tries to ease his/her work by using available writing tools. And I totally support this idea. Why should we reinvent the wheel? If you have no idea which writing tools are the best, do not worry, you are on the right path. We have prepared for you the list of the most useful writing tools.

  1. LiveScribe Pen

LiveScribe Pen is a must-have application for writers who get inspired by daily routine. How often do you leave notes on small pieces of paper or even on table napkins? Or should I better ask how often you lose or forget about these notes? With LiveScribe Pen you will not have such problems anymore. This application can save your notes on your mobile phone. Your notes can be easily recorded now! What is even more, this application can record audio. From now on, you will not lose any idea.

  1. Grammarly

Frankly speaking, Grammarly is one of my favorite writing tools! This app is just incredible! It perfectly identifies grammar and spelling mistakes and provides you with rules and examples. Grammarly works like tutors in colleges do. It is user-friendly, very useful and partly free, can you believe this?

  1. Foldable Keyboards

Typing with the help of your smartphone is no longer a dream. If you are traveling and the only device you have is your smartphone, you may experience some difficulties typing a long paper on the small screen. In this case, you should use foldable keyboards. Of course, you will not be able to work as fast as you do when typing on a laptop. Foldable keyboards are not so comfortable to use constantly, but it is great to have portable option.

  1. Contently

If you need motivation, go to Contently. It hosts the most inspiring and useful resources for freelance writers. At Contently, you would find writing tips, job openings, and online portfolio hosting. This website offers writing jobs, in which everyone can try him/herself. If you have not found anything suitable for you, just create online portfolio to attract potential customers.

  1. Twords

Twords is a perfect option for writers who have joined “the procrastinators’ club” (basically, all writers). This tool “nudges you to write.” It tracks how much time you actually write and how much time you “look for inspiration.” You can see you statistics for each day, week or month. I think this information can motivate you to write more. Also, you get notifications when you do not write for several days. Challenge yourself with Twords and become a more successful writer than you are now. Remember, only practice makes everything perfect!

Do you have your favorite writing tools? Please share your must-have applications in the comments section.