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Editing Tips: Editing as an Essential Part of the Writing Process

Not all people realize how paramount editing is in the writing process. If you can come up with excellent ideas, solid arguments and even manage to arrange them in a way it discloses your topic entirely and clearly, then you are a good writer. However, if your ambitions go higher and you yearn to be a skillful and professional writer, then you have to learn how to manage with the editing process which will make your writing perfect.

Main tips on mastering the editing skills

  1. “Air” your writing. Some may think that the proof-reading is enough for your writing brilliance. However, it’s not just about a quick skim reading of what you have come up with. The best thing to do is to read your writing aloud, not being ashamed to do it passionately and with tones and accents. This simple trick will help you to have another look at your writing because you will perceive it aurally. Hence, you will be able to notice the nuances or mistakes that could hide in your piece of writing.
  2. Make your priority “short and clear”. Rereading the writing is the only way to spot the structures that may ruin the whole impression of your text. The arrangement of your structures is as important as making your sentences and paragraphs short and legible. Bear in mind that the longer and more sophisticated the structures are, the less attention of a reader you will get.
  3. Ferret out mistakes. For better editing skills, reading is a must. While reading for the first time you focus on length, structure, and subtleness, second time try to search for typos and mistakes: grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, etc. Try to be objective and use your fault-finding eye, as it is better if you find some drawbacks in your writing rather than an editor or an avid reader.
  4. Peaceful mind and calm atmosphere. Although some people can write equally well both under quite conditions and stressful ones, it is still recommended to perform your editing in the peaceful atmosphere without any external distractions. What is more, your inner state should be balanced and tranquil. Then, you will manage to focus on the task.
  5. Don’t rush with editing! Among all the mistakes to avoid while your editing, this one is crucial. No matter how tempting it might be to correct a sentence or a structure straightaway after writing it, don’t do it. Your primary task is to write, and after you are done with it, proceed with editing. Rushing and blending two tasks may play a bad joke with your piece of writing.

So, editing is the significant process if you want to enhance your writing and make it more appealing to a reader. After all, diamonds need cutting in order to show their true beauty and attract people – so does your writing.